Negativity in Relationships? Watch this video

Negativity causing Marriage and Relationship Issues? 

“Get to it; Get through it; Get on with it!” is what one friend says, and I agree. LIFE IS TOO SHORT to suffer when we know these paths to happiness. It’s such good news to know how to re-image your partner as your perfect teacher, and to know how to proactively move yourself to warm, unconditional connection, whether or not they change!

So many folks who came to me on the fence about their marriage NOW say they can’t imagine life without their partner. They no longer feel like they are living with the enemy or a stranger, but a kind companion for the journey. 🙂

This video tells how both the Harville Hendrix’s “Imago Therapy” marriage therapy I worked on so tenaciously, and Byron Katie’s “The Work,” helped inform my No-Matter-What Way–the self-evolution strategy that turns around difficult dynamics in marriage or any committed relationship.

It is amazing to watch what happens in our groups and retreats when folks learn both the theory and practical tools that combined into shortcuts to peace through the school of hard knocks and these wise teachers. When you know how to use what you thought you needed from others, and give it to yourself, you suddenly find yourself feeling safe, seen, and supported when they show up “the way you want,” and also when they don’t!

Once I teach folks The No-Matter What Way, it feels much safer to navigate a marriage or intimate, committed relationship. Knowing how to let the triggers evolve you in a way that nothing else but a high-stakes relationship can, and knowing that the whole thing is an inside job–and therefore gets cleaned up from the inside–makes all the difference!

And sometimes, taking care of those littlest parts of you means changing the nature of the relationship: living apart or even ending the marriage. You will know that when you know; but I know you can get very clear and leave much more cleanly and compassionately when you’ve worked your side of the street in this way. There is so much hope and help in our sweet community. XOX

Much Love,
🙂 Shawn

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