Love Yourself Happy!
Create A self-Aligned Life

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of a dependable path to peace.

Introductory Self-Aligned Action Session

*This introductory session is normally only available as a trial session for folks signing on to programs. But for the holidays, we are giving it at this price as a gift to yourself or others, even if you are a current, former or returning client! And there's a no-risk, money back guarantee.

Love your pain and "stuckness" into a priceless path to peace...Start creating a Win-Win life fueled by Self-Love.

If you’ve never experienced this life-changing work with Shawn,* get a shift in perspective on a troubling issue in your relationship to yourself or others.

  • Come in with your most stuck, painful, or confusing issue.
  • Leave with a major shift in perspective and your clear next action step.

This introductory offer ($297 value) includes one 60 to 90 minute session ($149 in this special offer)

Are you still stuck, unhappy, anxious, or judgmental toward yourself and others, despite years or even decades of inner work or spiritual practice?   Does this sound kinda like you?:

You give much in your family or community, but still struggle with your own relationships, money, or health issues.

Despite all your spiritual understanding and self-knowledge, you still can’t seem to “get present” or get past major issues (like chronic illness or pain, relationship with your spouse or grown children, or the current political situation).

You are ready to stop agreeing to aspects of your life that no longer fit and get yourself back on track and happy!

Then it’s time to give some real, reliable, no-matter-what help to your dearest Self; give yourself a foolproof way to USE whatever upsets you as your path to peace.

Access the inner safety and connection that has eluded you for so long. Begin to turn all those spiritual realizations into realities, so you can stop searching and begin to relax into a life that finally fits—no matter what is happening.

Experience the Law of Happy Symmetry. Find out if this inner-game changer is right for you!