Love Yourself Happy!

Stop Beating Yourself Up... for Good.

STILL Anxious, Dissatisfied & Hard on Yourself (or Others)--Even after Decades of Spiritual Striving and Inner Work?

Make the Simple Shift that Turns your Self-Sabotaging Inner Critic Into the Champion of Your Happiness, So you Can End the Search, Start Aligning with What You Really Want, and Relax into a Life that Finally Fits

What’s YOUR Secret Entrepreneurial Superpower?

Identify your state of self-metamorphosis in just 60 seconds, and discover how it affects the kind of business you should build.

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On this 45-minute call:

  • Discover the primary cause of the gaps in your happiness, despite all your years of inner work, and daily self-care practices.
  • Get clarity on the exact self-evolution strategy that works to undo stress and grow happiness in your life, why your current approaches are not working.
  • Identify what you can do right now to turn your stuck or challenging situations into your greatest breakthroughs.
  • Walk away with a clear plan to Use WHATEVER Upsets You As your Fool-Proof Path to Peace.

Start LOVING YOURSELF HAPPY now by booking a 45-min Strategy and Support Session...FREE if you're ready to end the search today.

Create a Fearless Win-Aligned Life Fueled by Self-Love and Service

What Still Triggers You, after Years and even Decades of Inner Work? That is who comes in the door here... highly aware people who give much to their families and communities, but still struggle with relationship, health, or money issues of their own... Until they get hold of The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness: The Missing PEACE We Were Never Taught. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

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Turn Around the Parts of Your Life that no longer work for you. In these deep, warm, powerfully transformative coaching/mentoring relationships, Shawn facilitates radical relief via The Work of Byron Katie, her Wheel of Self-Love, and her quick gentle way of using her 6 pivotal shifts to get to the heart of the issue and reap its gifts. Wake up without that sense of anxiety or dread, knowing you are inherently safe and passionately connected to life.

Transformation in a weekend with Amazing waterfront Retreats at Shawn's own Light Landing

These Intimate, fun, life-changing retreats attract many happy repeaters and newcomers, since the shifts keep getting deeper and the connections more rewarding. Individual, couple, and group retreats personalized to your issues via The Work of Byron Katie and Shawn's Love Yourself Happy/Love your Life Thriving teachings.

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Feeling Better is Easier than You THINK! Learn Shawn's innovative, efficient 'science of taking life as it comes' through her Blog, Videos and Audios, eBooks, and Happiness Hack PDFS

Turn Life into your most dependable Guru through this rich, connected Self-Metamorphosis Process

Cutting Edge Spiritual Life Coaching/Mentoring/Facilitation/partnering in Shawn's on-line and in-person group mastermind and mentoring cocoons, workshops, webinars, meet-ups and speaking engagements

What If Your Most Stubborn Challenges Hold Your Biggest Breakthroughs? You Can Start Reaping the Gifts from a Stuck or Scary Situation Now.

 After all that spiritual seeking and practice, feeling better is easier than you thought once you find your own inner guru. Access the healing available in any stressful situation to re-connect you to yourself, others, and life in truly relevant ways. Learn to USE your remaining stuckness, anxiety and dissatisfaction to create a win-win life fueled by self-love and service.

Find out if this inner-game changer is right for you!