Turn self-sabotage into self-love & empowerment

I help changemakers turn triggers & traumas at home and work into dependable peace, warm connection, & effective action, so they manifest their visions & create a life of kindness, connection, & impact.

Want to uplevel your life, love, & leadership?

A fresh new relationship with yourself, others, & life is easier than you thought. WHATEVER UPSETS YOU HOLDS THE KEY!

With my NO-MATTER-WHAT Way, we swiftly transform your traumas, regrets, and challenges into a foundation of unshakable self-love, confidence, and connection at work and home. By embracing this journey, you not only achieve personal and professional excellence, but also cultivate a life deeply rooted in meaning, purpose, & joy.


Want to Learn HOW to become the source of your own Success?


Hi, I'm Shawn Mahshie, leading expert in the field of Self-Solidarity, the art and science of standing with, by, and for yourself so you feel safe, seen and supported—no matter what life brings—experiencing all of life as love & happy course corrections.

START trusting your highest vision as a change-agent for a life, a marriage, a mission, & a world that works. Knowing how you abandon yourself and how to come back home is the key.

still stuck, stymied, or stagnant after years of inner work?

With a Self-Solidarity approach, you'll have a lifelong practical system to turn toxic thoughts and reactions into your personalized path to peace, connection, 

turn self-sabotage into self-love
for a calm, confident, effective YOU!

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Make the Simple Shift that Turns your Self-Sabotaging Inner Critic Into the Champion of Your Happiness! 

STEp 2:
take the guesswork out of inner work!

Start with your relationship to yourself.


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Explore a self-paced digital course with LIVE support!

One very simple principle of the psyche, THE SYMMETRY PRINCIPLE, lets you USE whatever upsets you to shift yourself almost instantly into peace. 

The two pillars of my NO-MATTER-WHAT WayThe Work & The Wheel of Self-Forgivenessyou powerfully harness what hurts to release the polarized thinking that 's causing your suffering, so you can free-fall into manifesting a life you love!

what some clients are saying:

"I have tried nearly every spiritual practice... It wasn’t until I met Shawn and started working with her that I finally started to experience real change in my life."


"[Shawn's online event] has been totally nourishing and illuminating."


"I felt supported and loved in Shawn's events and groups like no other place in my life. I get so much out of every one!"


Take One of our Self-Paced Courses:

A Simple, Reliable Way to Move from Pain to Peace in Your Most Reactive Relationships, NO MATTER WHAT is happening

Working with Shawn Mahshie was simply amazing. I love her happiness hacks.

 Shawn has the most effective, powerful technique called the “reliable symmetry of happiness” – whatever upsets you is actually the key to setting you free. Even people who have been on a lifelong spiritual journey will find the fastest path to freedom. Whether you are in a stuck marriage, have issues with your closest relationships, or still struggle with anxiety, anger, and alienation, Shawn gets radical healing results.

— Bret Gregory, Internationally-Known Business Coach

Digital Challenge Course

free the painful thoughts that hold you back

Help yourself to Happiness as you quickly spot and dismantle the 6 most disempowering thought types

The Work: Antidote to
Anger, Blame, Judgement
& Feelings of Victimization
(Shawn was Certified in 2014)

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The Wheel of Self Forgiveness:
Antidote to Regret, Self-Criticism, Self-Doubt, & Indecision

The Wheel of Self-Forgiveness is just one of the simple, practical, reliable tools that let me efficiently and compassionately change my thinking—and my life. You can too!


Create a Fearless Win-win Aligned Life Fueled by Self-Love and Service

What Still Triggers You, after Years and even Decades of Inner Work? Those who come in the door here are highly self-aware people who give much to their families and communities, but still struggle with relationship, health, or money issues of their own… Until they get hold of The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness: The Missing PEACE We Were Never Taught. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!

could someone you know or love use a reliable path to peace?

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