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the leading expert in teaching you how to stop beating yourself up, so you can find peace, love, and connection—no matter what life brings.

Shawn Mahshie is an internationally published author, retreat leader, spiritual mentor, and Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, who has been called “a Master Coach of Master Coaches.” She’s been creating transformation for individuals, couples, and groups for over 15 years.

On a mission to end self-hatred, Shawn's spot-on mentoring, teachings, and practical tools turn regret, resentment, and self-sabotage into radical self-compassion, clarity, & unconditional thriving.

shawn mahshie

A pioneer in the field of Self-Solidarity, Shawn is the creator of The Wheel of Self-Love and other practical tools for compassionate self-evolution that yield a fearless win-win way of life fueled by self-love and service.Shawn’s big career and seemingly idyllic life crashed under the weight of chronic illness, food addiction, severe co-dependence, and a painful divorce.

She emerged from this painful spiral via deep self-inquiry and has created a body of work around what she calls “the Law of Happy Symmetry”—using the very things that cause us pain to find the path back to peace. These principles have systematically and radically altered her (and now her clients’) relationships, health, and business succe

End the Search, Start Aligning with What You Really Want, and Relax into a Life that Finally Fits​

Make the Simple Shift that Turns your Self-Sabotaging Inner Critic Into the Champion of Your Happiness! One very simple principle of the psyche, THE SYMMETRY PRINCIPLE, lets you USE whatever upsets you to shift yourself almost instantly into peace. The Work & The Wheel of Self Love knock out both of the polarities of thinking that are causing your suffering.

Is one or more of your most important relationship characterized by specific situations where you do the following?

  • You fail to stand with, by, and for yourself, no matter what happens.
  • You beat yourself up when someone is angry or things go wrong.
  • You take responsibility for and feel a need to fix others’ reactions to you, themselves, or life.
  • You put your focus on placating and pleasing others, even when it hurts you.
  • You freeze or censor what you really want to say or do with certain people, even those in close relationships, to avoid their anger, shaming, retaliation, or abandonment.
  • You turn into a pretzel to rescue certain others from their own shame, agreeing to things you don’t really want, then have no time for (or feel completely out of touch with) your own priorities.
  • You put yourself last in the face of others’ needs, then show up as controlling, rebellious, or resentful.

What if your Biggest Challenges Hold the Key to Your Biggest Breakthroughs?

You Can Start Reaping the Gifts from a Stuck, Sad, or Scary Situation NOW... NO MATTER WHAT .

Working with Shawn will give you the tools to:

find reliable relief for your most reactive relationships


Sara Nason

International Documentary Filmmaker, Scotland

“I’d just like to express my massive heart-felt gratitude to Shawn Mahshie for a year of support and hanging on in there with me through some very tricky emotional times, including my dear mother’s death. Thank you for your love and insightful compassion, and modeling what I needed to become. There are no words – because the change is still in progress and potentially massive in that – much like the Butterfly effect of the flap of wings on the other side of the world – who can predict what a kind word to self or others does when it might not otherwise have been that way? The impact can never be known but it feels like an unfolding and emergence  – it has clearly changed me for the good! Thank you for all also for all my partners in this amazing group. Each and every one of you has helped me beyond words! Sending my love!”

What Is Self-Solidarity?"

“Self-Solidarity is the art and science of standing with, by, and for yourself, no matter what.  No matter how things go, no matter who is angry, or even who leaves. It’s a sense of unshakable safety from your own inner critic, and in fact you begin to turn your inner critic into the champion of your own happiness.

Self-Solidarity is the idea that at the same time you are undoing so much of the ego’s story and dismantling your old self, you begin to meet and fall completely in love with the most tender part of you that is still holding on to the thinking (and thus innocently creating what remains of your suffering).

In this reconciliation, you become who you really are:   the unconditional forgiveness, warm understanding, and unfailing self-solidarity and self-advocacy that cannot come from ANYONE or ANYTHING outside you (and or in finding that inner connection, you also connect to EVERYTHING outside you). You and the small scared parts of yourself will begin to experience a sacred and absolute belonging to each other that allows you to look forward to whatever life brings!

Whatever you have experienced of this,  it is just the tip of the iceberg. If you continue, this sweet self-solidarity will become the mainstay of your existance and your mainline to what is beyond existence. Together we will face the fear of worse-case scenarios where external events are concerned—and discover that the cost of failing to support, beating up, and so quickly ‘leaving’ our most innocent, well-meaning selves is worse–for ourselves, others, and the planet–than ANY other consequence we fear.”