How to Always Have What You Want

So how do you always have what you want? Hmm. . .  Well, at one point I figured out that the way to have what you want is to want what you have. I spent so much of my life not wanting what I had. There was just a part of me that was always … Read more

Why Do Marriages Fail?

So why do marriagea fail? Pretty big question with a pretty simple answer. So often people say, “Well, what happened with your marriage? What happened to their marriage? What went wrong?”  It doesn’t seem like it is ever any one thing. Symptomatically, there are so many things, so many factors, that build up over time, … Read more

Triggering Relationships as our Teachers: Harville Hendrix’s “Imago Therapy” & “The Symmetry Principle”

Over the course of 20 years, a lot of amazing things came together that led me to discover the Symmetry Principle, the psychological quantum physics that lets us depend on the fact that “whatever upsets us is holding the key to our path to peace and freedom.” One of the things that had a huge … Read more

Shawn Mahshie