Only Upset with Yourself? 10 Ways to Mine Judgment, Blame, Dissatisfaction so You Can Free Them

TO WATCH THE VIDEO (PICTURED ABOVE) OF ME READING THIS BLOG: Client: Hi Shawn, I know this sounds wrong, but I am wracking my brain to think of anyone I am upset with and there is nothing there. The only problems I have are with myself. I haven’t tried it yet, but I suppose the worksheet might … Read more

Cheat Sheet to “Reverse Engineering” Manifestation Miracles: Part 1

MANIFESTATION MENTORING—My own fun personal process around a challenging issue (long—but cool!): [I started to post this on the fun intimate conversation thread we have in our Aligned Action Adventure, the “the self-evolution and manifesting via helping your holdouts group” that has become our premier year-long mastermind program. But I decided to share it more broadly, … Read more