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"This is not about stuffing under or 'affirming over' your fears, defensiveness, unforgiveness, indecision, guilt, sadness, or regret."

Shawn Mahshie

A good system gets to the root of the problem and gets results! It is simple enough to remember the steps, and you can rely on it shifting you into a happier place.

If you follow the steps, you'll feel better! It's that simple

The dependability of the common-sense brain-friendly system each Happiness Hack teaches empowers you and this "no-matter-what" way of living gives hope to others as well.

Downloaded by 10,000+  individuals

These AFFORDABLE, easily digestible, fun, digital flipbooks (which can also be loaded into your tablet or reader) help you unlearn old and broken methods of managing life and people, and help you adjust your reactions to start getting results.

Efficiently Shift from Upset to Empowerment

the "Symmetry Principle"

HAPPINESS HACKS apply the Symmetry Principle to common issues in marriage, the workplace, or between YOU and You, harnessing whatever hurts as your path to peace and thriving.

Finally release the thinking that keeps trauma alive and held in your body.

Stop being hard on yourself and others

Learn proven techniques that help you set yourself up for connection and success by seeing others' side so clearly, standing with yourself no matter what, and overcoming the judgments of self and others that create obstacles--with simple shifts in perspective.

Take care of the underlying motives that keep worry and stressful thoughts coming back in a well-meaning effort to help or save you.

Move into
Aligned Action & Truly
Enjoy Self-Accountability

Know how to identify your triggers and leverage the Symmetry inherent in whatwever upsets you to get out of your own way, so you can keep promises to yourself and others, and proactively create a life you love.

Create Compassion & Confidence via Inner Clarity & Connection

Enjoy less stressful and more favorable outcomes in the situations that used to baffle you, using proven processes and common-sense, brain-friendly shift techniques that most of us simply were not taught!

See your triggering thoughts clearly; trust yourself and your decisions; move into proactive, practical solutions.

Find Your Innocence & Inspire Others

Get the absolute best from yourself and the people in your life by knowing how to work through your 'holdout' places, modeling the qualities that others look up to because they pave the way for peace, problem-solving, and warm unconditional connection.

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Become the person the "littlest" parts of you need you to be!

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About The Author

Shawn has spent 20 years researching the Symmetry in relationships, teaching cutting edge tools that harness whatever upsets us to turn around relationships, businesses, health, and lives. She is CEO of Thrive This Time, LLC and is the developer of The NO-MATTER-WHAT Way, a proactive paradigm of personal masterminds, and always popular retreats at her waterfront home near Washington, DC provide a path to yourself, to unshakable inner safety and joy, and to fearless faith... no matter how long your inner journey or what is happening in your life.

Become a happier, more proactive YOU for YOU, those you love, and the planet.