Helping People Use Whatever Upsets them as the Key to Happiness!

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Need to jumpstart your next event with a dynamic presenter or inspire your group to go to the next level on their self-evolution journey?

Shawn Mahshie is the speaker for you! Her engaging presentations are designed to bring about real results for those who still feel anxious, angry, or alienated in some aspect of their lives—even after decades of inner work—and to reverse the ways they are sabotaging their happiness.

Your audience will discover the healing available to them, inherent in each challenge they face, and how to harness this “Symmetry” to evolve themselves so they have more clarity, freedom, and fun in their lives.

Some titles of former talks by Shawn:

  • How to Transform Difficult Relationships…Even After Years of Inner Work
  • Clarity About What Works for YOU to Create Loving Win-Win
    Situations for All
  • Trusting your Words, Actions, and Decisions, Even with Family
    Events and Old Roles
  • Learn or Deepen Your Practice in The Work of Byron Katie and
    Shawn’s Wheel of Self-Love

All programs can be customized to your group’s needs, topic focus, and time frame.

Shawn wraps participants in a safe cocoon-like atmosphere of self-acceptance, where they begin a hands-on process of using whatever upsets them to “Love Themselves Happy” and create their own win-win way of life fueled by self-love and service.

Her presentations especially resonate with highly self-aware women who are ready to be done with the big life compromises they have made that are creating anxiety, overwhelm, or chronic issues in their health, finances, or marriage.

Come experience the foolproof “Living in Symmetry” process that transforms your inner critic into the champion of your own happiness!

SHAWN MAHSHIE is a Trained Facilitator of THE WORK of Byron Katie, author of “The Spark of Self-Love,” and developer of Happiness Hacks. Her waterfront retreats and cutting-edge mastermind groups are changing lives at the speed of self-love.

Dale Korangy

“It is said that what we all want above all things are love and freedom. I advocate highly for Shawn’s ability to help guide you HOME to both! Her commitment, love and skill, her patience and guidance, and especially her courage are all for YOU and in service to YOUR HEALING. I love her and her work! If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, and get to it, this is the place and Shawn is the person! I hope to see you at her next event!”

– Dr. Dale Korangy, Acupuncturist