Healing Driving Beliefs and Underlying Thinking

My client was in anguish while fighting for primary custody of his children. He was also dealing with various other crises at that juncture of his life. As you read my letter to this dad, who was letting anxious thoughts get the better of him, I hope you’ll be able to apply my counsel to … Read more


Shawn’s client, Meghan, was in a dilemma. Her aging father had a remaining item on his bucket list: a trip he had long dreamed about, yet he didn’t feel he could afford, or physically manage, travel at his advanced stage of his life. Meghan was torn about whether to sacrifice being in Shawn’s program so … Read more

Tenacious Thread of Self-Hatred

Client: I was feeling better today than I have in a long time. It was a good day.  Then my husband and I got into a small fight — with friends over — not screaming or anything major but to me it was like that.  I internalized what he was mad at me about and it … Read more

The Too Much Not Enough Story

Client: Too many people in my house, too many distractions! Shawn: Is it true??? Haha. But seriously, anytime I hear my mind saying too much or not enough, it’s a major red flag that I need to drop into inquiry. Life as Your Perfect Teacher Here is life showing up as my perfect teacher and … Read more

Afraid to Try This? (CONTINUED)

Last week I posted an article here in Happy Symmetry about a young woman who I met recently sharing that she was suffering from anxiety and pain from a bad breakup. She said that she could tell just by listening to me that I had something that could help her.  She reached out about a … Read more

A Hopeful, Healing Vision for Couples

Hi there… Tonight I counseled a couple about ongoing marital issues. What’s going on with them is very much like what’s going on with you guys right now. In some ways it was a tough session for them that actually became not only a window into a lot of clarity about their dynamics, but ultimately … Read more