The Too Much Not Enough Story

Client: Too many people in my house, too many distractions! Shawn: Is it true??? Haha. But seriously, anytime I hear my mind saying too much or not enough, it’s a major red flag that I need to drop into inquiry. Life as Your Perfect Teacher Here is life showing up as my perfect teacher and … Read more

Afraid to Try This? (CONTINUED)

Last week I posted an article here in Happy Symmetry about a young woman who I met recently sharing that she was suffering from anxiety and pain from a bad breakup. She said that she could tell just by listening to me that I had something that could help her.  She reached out about a … Read more

A Hopeful, Healing Vision for Couples

Hi there… Tonight I counseled a couple about ongoing marital issues. What’s going on with them is very much like what’s going on with you guys right now. In some ways it was a tough session for them that actually became not only a window into a lot of clarity about their dynamics, but ultimately … Read more