Fiduciary Freedom

Having spent a number of Independence Days outside the U.S., the contrast to the way we celebrate is particularly striking in China where I visited a few years ago. One of the freedoms I didn’t have there was access to the website through which I normally send these email broadcasts (or to Google or FB). … Read more

Anxiety Sobriety Video Series: Video Nine

TIRED OF “EARLY MORNING DREAD? Many of you know the experience of up in the morning (or in the middle of the night!) to a wave of dread as your story of “what’s is, was, or will be happening” kicks in. Not just in the current crisis, but fairly regularly or during other crises. That … Read more


TO WATCH THE VIDEO (PICTURED ABOVE) Click the link: “ANXIETY SOBRIETY” means not becoming more addicted to your own emotional chemicals. You become alert to the 5 kinds of thoughts that are akin to picking up a drink or a donut! Old knee-jerk reactions fall away once you know how to use the Symmetry in … Read more


It’s a phenomenal time to WATCH what you tell yourself and to understand how powerfully you can harness that to get a freeing shift. It’s fun hearing from those of you who are noticing how different your reactions are than in past health and economic crises even though this one seems much more impactful. You have … Read more

Only Upset with Yourself? 10 Ways to Mine Judgment, Blame, Dissatisfaction so You Can Free Them

TO WATCH THE VIDEO (PICTURED ABOVE) OF ME READING THIS BLOG: Client: Hi Shawn, I know this sounds wrong, but I am wracking my brain to think of anyone I am upset with and there is nothing there. The only problems I have are with myself. I haven’t tried it yet, but I suppose the worksheet might … Read more

Turning Around Intense Post-Holiday Regrets

[Read Below in 7-10 Minutes;  Click Button to “Listen” in 12.5 Minutes] [UPDATED WITH AUDIO 12-27-2020]     A fairly new private client of mine called in tears the day after Christmas–a year ago–full of anger at the way her grown son had behaved around alcohol. Later, when it was all over, she descended directly into … Read more