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join us for our next waterfront retreat!

Relax in this intimate beautiful natural setting as you learn how to use whatever upsets you as your direct path to peace

a practical approach with a powerful ripple effect

Learn how to feel SAFE, SEEN, & SUPPORTED in your most reactive relationships

Digital  Challenge Course

free the painful thoughts that hold you back

Help yourself to Happiness as you quickly spot and dismantle the 6 most disempowering thought types

What is the #1 Way You Sabotage Your Happiness?

Take this FREE 5-Minute Quiz and Find Out What is Your
Self-Sabotage Style”

feel safe, seen, & supported...

without needing anyone else to change!

You can join this 6-Week (or self-paced) digital course–with LIVE Q&A–any time! 

Want to do GYB with a group? The next cohort starts in early February.

Self-Acceptance. Accountability. Action.

The NO-MATTER-WHAT Multi-Stage Mastermind.