Overcoming Overwhelm in Brooklyn

Every kind of cream cheese and row houses in Brooklyn! Loving having positioned myself in a sparse little Air Bnb to be near my editor for a week and make some real progress on the book.

food choices in New YorkI love the way I am being that emerges out of this questioning about our thinking – – it is so interesting to watch that even when we think we are going to work on one thing, we can move into working on something completely different, and yet that seems so much more right than forcing ourselves to work on the thing we had planned on.

After years of looking over my shoulder and beating myself up for what ever I was spending my time on, this way of living just gets deep end and gets reinforced by the outcomes I get when I trust what shows up Because it is so productive and efficient to do what comes to you to do without beating yourself up, and because when I do get around to doing the thing later, I can see that I needed every moment leading up to that time to be able to do the thing in the way that it emerges, exactly when it emerges.

For example, I thought I was going to work on the table of contents outline this morning, and then relief flush out the part about me and my history, but I was very stuck in resistant about that. Instead I got lots of clarity about another section and was able to do some mind mapping and write some pieces that I will probably be able to use, and because I needed a quote, I went to find a quote from David Hawkins that I heard in an interview the night before, and ended up taking lots of notes as I got that from an interview to another.

Christmas decoration in New YorkAfter hours of that, I thought, well now I will go out to eat Thai food for lunch and work on the piece about me while I’m out! And the piece about me didn’t come but clarity about some other pieces did come. Then I thought, I will just walk on some of these pretty streets and see if an inspiration comes about how to frame the writing about my own story. It didn’t come, but what did happen is I stumbled across the Barnes and Noble that I knew was somewhere in this area, and I had as one of my assignments to figure out what bookshelf I would propose to the agent about this book.

In studying the titles, I found some of the brain science research I was wanting, so I bought five books and sat down at the coffee shop and read and took notes on one of them and saw that I didn’t really want penned it, so returned it, and brought the 4 others home!

While sitting there, I met a Chinese mother and daughter, same age as my own daughter from China, who is in college majoring in psychology and is interested in this work I’m doing – – she spotted that we were both ENFP in the Myers-Briggs personality type! Ha ha ha. I sense this could be a long term enduring relationship with both the daughter and her mom. I was in the perfect place at the perfect time!

Then as I was coming up the escalator after returning the book, I suddenly had clarity about where I could start in my story about myself. And then when I got back to my little Monk-like room, one of the people in our symmetry of self-love mastermind group had posted something and others commented on it, that inspired me to see another important parallel about my childhood and to share more of my story there. (I’ve also asked that group member if maybe we could share it over here in this broader HH group).

That kind of serendipity and synchronicity absolutely characterizes my life now, as well as the lack of stress and the endless entertainment of watching what unfolds!

There was no real frustration about not knowing how to approach that section; I just trusted that it needed more time. When we talk about overwhelm with time, this way of living where you trust what you see yourself doing, and that you can’t know that there is something else you should be doing instead, it is so absolutely freeing.

That’s why I do say you can overcome overwhelm now. Not later, but in the moment you believe something different should be happening around time then what is happening.

The experience I have even more is that the distance between thought and manifestation is almost absolutely collapsed, that things show up in phenomenally quick and unexpected ways as I make subtle shifts in my life that open the way for whatever is wanted and needed to show up.

So when it doesn’t show up in the lightening fast way, I have learned to also trust in that! I am SO not in charge; How relaxing to notice.

What fun!

Send Shawn an email to support(at)shawnmahshie.com if you’re be interested in being part of her first OVERCOME OVERWHELM NOW Program. She’s interested in working with folks who are serious about teasing out the stories of stress from the varied pieces of their lives.