One-of-a-Kind Gifts from your Family and Friends—What are Yours?

I’m writing to you from FLORIDA where I’m visiting my dear sister and family!

Last year at this time some of you know I went through a very challenging time around family issues–I had hit the ‘edge of the envelope’ of my own evolution!. For me, hanging in there and ‘working my own side of the street’ around defensiveness, hurt, misunderstandings, and the survival scripts that were kicking in for everyone during the months before my dad’s death in January yielded great payoffs.

What specific unfinished business or future expectations (“projected nightmares”) are holding holiday gifts of peace, freedom, and fun for YOU!? Today I sent our Symmetry of Self-Love MasterMind group a little invitation to let their own holiday ghosts show them the way to work the kinks out of the seemingly inevitable holiday emotional triggers. You may read it yourself by clicking here!

I now feel closer than ever and are working to understand each other’s needs, wants, and differences far better than we did before that difficult time–and also to just have fun! It feels like a conscious wish to stay warmly connected has us motivated to get better at meeting each other in the places where we are, and not expecting each other to go where we can’t. So sweet. More real. We broke through some of the old molds (that maybe we didn’t truly realize were a problem till things fell apart). (And since it’s an inside job, if you feel that way–if YOU remove the conditions you used to place on yourself and others– you get to have an unconditionally loving holiday!)

Much TRUE help–to deeply transform anxiety, anger, alienation, overwhelm–is available here for you, even if you aren’t working with me individually or in a group yet! (Lots of links for you in this email….just want to let you know there are options!)

In the same way I invited our Mastermind Group in this SHORT HOLIDAY GHOSTS BLOG POST to hone in on whatever old stressful stories hold new gifts for them, I also invite YOU to post at least one story or worksheet on yourself or another person on the FB Happiness Hacks group (access or join here if you haven’t already) to share the wealth and get ready to sparkle inside this year!

A number of Happiness Hacks (simple approaches to quickly untangling different kinds of triggers) are available here for you–along with many other FREE resources on our webpage–as well!

  • The Wheel of Self-Love for regret, guilt, and self-doubt,
  • The Forgiveness Flip for disappointment, resentment, misunderstandings;
  • The All-Out Amends Ladder if are ready to take responsibility for past behavior in a very clean way,
  • The Win-Win Decision Matrix, when you want to stay true to yourself and also act in the highest good for all concerned.
    Happy Holidays!

: – ) Shawn

PS- Let me know if you’re interested in getting this kind of amazing and reliable transformation. FEELING BETTER IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK! And in the comments below, let me know what feels painful this year as the holidays approach. Better yet, feel free to book a special holiday support and strategy session with me by clicking here.