Awakening to my Wednesday Non-Duality and Thursday Separation

Sharing a quick little story about my 30-minute waking up to a different sense of reality, and some ‘hot tub’ reflections on whether or not advice or suggestions or just shutting down resisting the thinking that makes us feel separate–is helpful (or even possible, since that thinking often believes it is saving us from a threat).

But first, I invite you to check in with yourself. Sit with your most innocent self, and without beating yourself up, ask from your Heart “How are you doing, little one?”

Then notice….. Do your stories about what is wrong in this moment–or your attachment to what is right in this moment and wanting it to last–define you? Dictate how you feel in your body? Does your mind know what’s going on here? Why you are here? Why anything is happening? What it means? Whether a given way of being in your or another is good or bad? Are you in control of ANY of it, including the thoughts that occur to you? Who is the you that is watching you? Is it limited to your body? Is it the same you that was here 5 minutes ago? In the body you showed up in 5 years ago? When you were 5 years old? When you were born? Before you were born? Before you were conceived? When did that ‘YOU’ start? When does it end? Feel into that timeless essence… Is your body any more “YOU” than the chair you are sitting in? Where do you begin and end?





And whenever you’re ready, watch this little video where you see how I’ve gotten myself into HOT WATER!

What I saw more clearly than ever last night is that it all comes down to being with yourself where you’re at. That is the ultimate in love. That IS the spiritual journey, since the pain of separating from our loved ones and life all starts with separating from our divine selves. It is SO kind to be with the you that you are now, with whatever it is you are believing you and the rest of us are and should do. We MUST start from where we are, with great compassion for the brainwashing that happened along the way that made us feel separate and scared of each other and of life as it’s showing up. You can’t evolve from where you aren’t… you have to start from where you are and help yourself see through the thoughts that have you hooked. Here’s to meeting yourself ‘where you live,’ and giving that innocent believer a hand.

Write back to me, if you’d like, about your experience with or frustration with attempts to awaken to your own non-duality (or better yet, post on our Happiness Hacks FB group–click here to join!). …. Or feel free to grab a complimentary 20-30 strategy session at this link if you want…. to support yourself in surviving and even thriving despite the seemingly scary or sad things that are happening in your life or in the world right now.

Much love,
🙂 Shawn

SACRED ACTIVISM PS!!!!! I became more committed than ever last night, seeing how ‘wrong’ folks were feeling that they couldn’t wake up in the ways the ‘enlightened person’ was suggesting–and to getting the word out that it is possible to enlighten yourself to your own stressful situation. Each time you do, Life gets lighter and you become of greater service to others, since your ego is no longer driving the bus. I’ve realized that seeing people in emotional pain, when we have an easier way, is my areas of sacred activism. Life really doesn’t have to hurt so much. xoxo So, if you find any of this helpful, please share these emails with a friend or invite them to be part of our mailing list or our Happiness Hacks group.