Soft Friendly Paradigm for Life

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LIVING IN SYMMETRY. What a Soft Friendly Paradigm for Life… A Wonderland Where Anything that Upsets You Leads to More Joy, Peace, and Love!

Updated Dec. 25, 2020

I love having the privilege to be with you this seventh ‘official’ year of my business–it all feels so warm and fuzzy!!!!  I love sending out my graitude via this animated ‘snow-falling in my back yard’ email at the end of each year so far, seeing who shows up on these ShiftGift sessions I offer each year, who shows new in our programs next year, and who keeps coming back, since many embrace this circle of open, honest, proactive folks as a safe home base on their inner journey.

Thank you for opening your heart to the gifts I have been given the grace to share with you! What an absolutely amazing year, that simply confirms everything we’ve been teaching ourselves: 

that we cannot predict the future, and we cannot know what is a bad or a good outcome, since some of the things we would normally think of as bad lead to some of the biggest gifts and most amazing breaththroughs. 

This year has been proof perfect of that. xox


I’m all about expediting a time where inner and–as a ripple effect–family, relationship, and world peace are a ‘no brainer.’  In other words, we do best to compasionately take our fear-driven monkey minds out of the driver’s seat, free-fall into life, and let love catch us.  It always does. 

(NOTE* – We just don’t get to decide what love looks like!  It can look like a pandemic or a contentious election.)  

Here, we are all about a kind of compassionate undoing of the mind’s black-and-white, fear-driven interpretations, which then give way to curiosity, openness, and joyous humble trust in the grand unfolding…  

More than ever we are moving toward becoming a movment; to pay forward what we have been given toward a time when children grow up knowing that it’s never the other person or our situation that is upsetting us–it’s just life waking us by way of the inherent Symmetry inherent in whatever upsets us, to the well-meaning, but no longer relevant survival scripts that only serve to separate us from ourselves and others.


While it has been a challenging year to know when our path is to speak up or act, and when our path is to keep to our own inner work till we ‘get it right’ before we say what we see and ask for what we want.  Bottom line, none of us can function beyond the level of our own evolution, and sometimes evolving ourselves can look like either. There is no formula for “WHAT TO DO,” except to trust what shows up and let any emotional charge that rises within us be a pointer toward home.  

It’s so relaxing when we let it be OK that we aren’t in charge.

Snow falling

With this mindset and these tools, whatever upsets becomes our own sparkling breadcrumb trail through the snowy woods and back home to our hearts–restoring our unconditional connection to others and to who we really are. 

It is amazing to live from this soft friendly 100% reliable paradigm; this law of existence that I’ve researched for 2 decades now.  This Symmetry Principle frees us from fear and victimhood when we put its gifts to work. 


FINALLY HAPPY, most of the time, no matter what is happening, is what many have told me they find themselves (me included!) as we move into LIVING IN SYMMETRY. Engaging the two reliable living meditations called The Work and The Wheel of Self-Love eradicates blame and shame–and their devastating life-robbing effects–from our days and nights by revealing that there never was a problem to start with except in our minds. 

I am flooded with love and gratitude for each person no matter how peripheral or how deeply connected you are to this NO-MATTER-WHAT Way of loving yourself, others, and life.  I love witnessing the opening of eyes and minds, the relaxing and healing of bodies, and so many tangible shifts in the lives of those in our community. 


Your willingness to take the first steps toward “Self-Solidarity” by inquiring into the stressful thoughts behind all your pain is something I CELEBRATE in a very big way. 

I feel so honored to be part of the self-honesty and openness that leads to these radical shifts you all are making toward world peace (which is always only an inside job), via our coaching, groups, and retreats.  It is so much fun to work together as we simply and systematically illuminate, and then reconnect, the places where we went astray when we came to believe our own well-intentioned thinking.


All are welcome to come into this SELF-SOLIDARITY CIRCLE, hang together with us in safety, and bring your friends!  Share this soft falling love by forwarding the email to as many folks as you can who you think would benefit from this simple wisdom!!!!  (To solidify this community of folks working at different levels, I’ve created the new Self-Solidarity Circle, which kicks off January 16, as the hub connecting those in all our programs through a varied LIVE activity where we gather virtually each month, as well as a 24-7-365 support and celebration forum.  Check it out here.)

OR give yourself or other the gift of a Shift of a Lifetime by enjoying a PRIVATE SELF-SABOTAGE TO SELF-LOVE DEEP SHIFT SESSION with me. (Click here or see below).

We are ripe for a time when competition, comparison, and mind-made conditions no longer  keep us from harnessing all the creativity and selfless cooperation needed to sustain us all.

Are you the hero you (and we) have been waiting for? 

Is NOW the time to jump in?  

If not now, when?

Thank you for letting me support you in whatever way you traverse your own paradigm shift–the delicious free-fall into the exquisite love that is always here. By coming to embrace even a little of this happy symmetry for yourself, you are helping to grow a vision where it becomes “simply common knowledge” that we don’t have to suffer so much or so long.

Happy “life-as-is” to you! xoxo

All full of love,

🙂 Shawn

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