Can you imagine always feeling lucky? [Part II]

In Part I, I mentioned that my colleague wrote a blog about LUCK that made me realize that the practices I teach have made the feeling of being lucky a dependable occurrence in each day.

Cementing the Luck — Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson’s wonderful 2015 blog post, “Luck School,” was about what makes people lucky or unlucky—and how we can actually teach ourselves to feel lucky. When I read it, I was struck again by the dependable kind of luck that I count on in my life. Susan’s understanding of this concept further reinforced what great “luck” it was that we found each other. At first I didn’t completely realize what huge gifts we each have to offer to our respective tribes. Her post reveals the sophistication with which she understands on a deep level (and even backs up with the fascinating research study summarized above) the kind of “reliable” luck enjoyed by my clients and myself–and others who live from this symmetry paradigm. And yet, in the same way that I learn much from her, there is a reason Susan and other coaches, spiritual teachers, and those who have “done their inner work” on a deep level are excited to get hold of what I share.

How LUCKY to be each other’s best fans!  Susan shared it in her own words to me after I sent her a summary of my RADICAL RELATIONSHIP RELIEF webinar (that she hosted as a bonus to her boot camp members and others).  Here was her response to what I wrote and from her experience after working with me on a challenging issue of her own:

“I’m in. I’ve drunk the Reliable Symmetry of Happiness Kool-Aid. I want to immerse myself in it, become a skilled practitioner of it in my own mind and life, and pass it on to everyone I reach through Bright Line Eating to address the monkey mind that erupts when the crutch of food is no longer a go-to option.”

A LUCKY Way of Life. Among other things, Susan wrote about a research study that found four attributes that relate to a perception of being lucky (as opposed to unlucky).  I realized in reading it (and summarized below) how living from this symmetry paradigm radically supports and truly enhances each one. The paradigm shift I am talking about is COMPLETELY ACCESSIBLE, and takes place when you know how to harness what upsets, scares, hurts, or saddens you “for good.”  She writes (and my notes are inserted in italics):

“…what he [Dr. Richard Wiseman] found was that lucky people differ from unlucky people in four distinct ways:

  1. They are more relaxed and open, and frequently introduce variety into their lives, which means that they are more likely to create and notice chance opportunities.

[Once you know what to do with anything that triggers you to return you to even greater peace and freedom, there is little fear of new situations and “bad” outcomes. Finding this Symmetry Paradigm for yourself—not just believing me–greatly expedites your ability to live in this open, flexible way on a regular basis, opening you to the amazing gifts that were always there.]

  1. They listen to their intuition. They even take steps to increase their intuitive connection, through practices such as meditation.

[The practice of dropping into what your painful emotions and unwanted knee-jerk reactions are telling you begins to travel with you through life; so that even the most triggering of situations—often with those closest to us or where the stakes are high—do not bring about the same kind of terror or “clueless how to handle it” feeling that they used to. All of life becomes a meditation. You begin enjoying the moments that feel in alignment and you welcome the exciting gifts held in those that don’t.]

  1. They create good fortune by expecting a bright future. These optimistic expectations lead to perseverance and positive human interactions, which often become self-fulfilling prophecies.

[Living from this place where there is far less separation from the people and events in our lives, from a place where we recognize that all “bad outcomes” are simply a comparison between what is happening and what our programmed minds believe SHOULD BE happening means there is nothing but a bright future. There is curiosity and even excitement in the idea of something that could still upset us, as it holds the possibility of undoing more of the programmed beliefs that rob us of our happiness.]

  1. They reframe misfortune, and turn bad luck into good. They see the lesson in challenging circumstances, and can always imagine something worse that could have happened.”

[When we truly see that the behaviors in others that appear to persecute us are just mirrors for what we had known we were doing to others or to ourselves–in our own minds—we become both humble and grateful for whatever triggers us. Without affirming over our fears and sadness, we learn to honor them as the symmetry held within them brings us a wonderful noticing of what is GOOD about what is happening (and what could have been much worse).]

School of Luck

So how is it that we can SO COMPLETELY rely on what goes “wrong” in our relationships and life to become our luckiest moments?  The fact is we really can feel blessed No Matter What—to a far greater level than we have been feeling. That’s what I want to show you.  I have found how easily we can create a lot less fear and pain in your relationship to yourselves, others, and life itself.  “LUCK SCHOOL” on steroids.

I feel lucky to know that this simple process works, I am lucky to have witnessed hundreds of women put this into practice with inspiring success, and I feel even more lucky to share it with you!

As a place to start in learning this simple, realiable, LUCKy way of life,  check out our 14-day, digital course, where I not only teach you the ONE THOUGHT that is getting in the way of everything feeling lucky, but walk you through that process related to any situation or relationship where you are feeling you NEED something different to happen than what is happening. It is a total game-changer that starts you living in Symmetry with self, others, and life–exactly as they come to you.  Click here to learn more or enroll:  THE STRESSFUL RELATIONSHIP SOLUTION 

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