They need to change for me to be happy?

Change can be hard, especially when we have patterns of belief that tell us so!

AND THEN, on top of that—wanting others to change for our deepest needs to be met is a recipe for abandoning ourselves, unwanted frustration—perhaps even anger, and debilitating stress.

A couple of years ago around this time, I had an experience of hitting the edge of the envelope of my own evolution.

I didn’t feel love or joy or believe in my own wisdom. I felt that the other person needed to change for their own good and for me to feel better. It wasn’t a huge emotional charge like in the old days, nor did I feel “clueless”; but I knew at the end of my busy day that I would find the other side of what was happening that would set me free. Still, I sat in that ‘kicked-in-the-stomach’ feeling — slogging through my busy day as if carrying heavy weights. Watch this 11-minute video to see how I found complete freedom that did not depend in any way on the “other” changing. YAY! XOX

What I love is that now, two years later, there are even fewer things that trigger that response. Something happened today that would have thrown me off for weeks, and that was not the case. Shift Happens!

Feel free to watch the video to hear the whole story!