Overwhelmed Client Reverses her Mindset on Holiday Have-To’s

As the holiday season fast approaches, have you ever found yourself saying something like the off-hand “slapped in the face” and “needed to do” comments I noted as a client and I were starting our session? Can you get caught in the whirlwind of festivities, feeling the weight of unmet expectations and self-imposed pressures–instead of the FUN?

In our latest audio from a 1-1 session, “Embracing the Chaos of Christmas: A Candid Conversation,” I took 20 minutes out of the rest of our session to dive deeply into the costs and ways to reverse mindsets like “I haven’t done enough” around the holidays. These lessons about Time, Tasks, and Overwhelm have changed the lives of SO many I’ve shared them with. (In our “Time, Tasks, & Abundance” module in the mastermind group, folks found that there IS no overwhelm without a story to fuel it.)

But don’t feel bad…. or just affirm over your story. It just needs your help!

Following some off-hand comments about the narratives that may sound familiar to many of us — from last-minute Christmas shopping to the looming sense of not having done enough. Join me as she and I question the validity of these stories, share insights on our predictions and prescriptions about what should get done when, and find a more compassionate perspective amidst the holiday hustle. XOXO

What to Expect:

  • Self-reflection on holiday pressures
  • Strategies for navigating the holiday chaos
  • Insights on embracing imperfection
  • Turning negative thoughts into positive action
  • And much more!

Why Watch? In under 24 minutes, this video is both a discussion and an intimate invitation to you from me (and the client, who happily gave her permission to share it) to reflect on your own holiday experiences, discover a mindful approach to this festive season, and question your stories that CREATE overwhelm. Whether you’re feeling the pressure of Christmas or simply looking for a fresh perspective, our conversation might resonate with you.

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Wishing you a joyous holiday season filled with warmth and reflection!

Much Love,
🙂 Shawn

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