When You Feel Lost… Getting Found is Like Giving Yourself a Hug

Hi Darling, thank you so much for writing and sharing.
I’m excited for you about learning esoteric healing methods. I’m hoping you’ll apply the power of our work, and combine it with that, along with all of your other skills and practices to be a powerful help to yourself, and then to others. I saw an alternative practitioner for a while and found it fascinating but I still really needed to get on top of the thinking before I got better physically.
I’m so sorry about your mishap! While what happened to you can be seen as an interesting metaphor, I also don’t think  metaphors in life are simple or straightforward. Nor is there necessarily a direct cause effect relationship, as our monkey mind would often like to tell us. If you find it meaningful and helpful to think of it as a metaphor, I say go for it, but if it also makes you feel you are in any way being punished or somehow needing a big lesson like this, I just don’t think it’s that simple and don’t think we need to add any more unverifiable stories into our consciousness. I believe you are taking it as a nice opportunity to continue slowing down.
Sad and amazing that something can’t be worked out with the mediator. While I tend to be super generous, and give a lot and try to meet people where they live, I have also learned that running a business really is a thing where you’ve got to draw some lines, and it sounds like he clearly thinks he has reasons for drawing this one.
It’s interesting to just think of it as some kind of free fall into fearless faith, not knowing how things are going to work out, watching the movie of your life, including how will the mediator get paid. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, embracing the moments and noticing the stories that would take joy and presence away.
It’s particularly challenging when we are dabbling or living in Maslov‘s lower rooms of the hierarchy of need where our survival fears can totally get triggered because we are at the level of simply needing to support ourselves and feel we are safe and that we belong. And… I have still seen that while it is more challenging, it is still something that can be made much better or much worse depending on what you are believing about it, and particularly if you project into the future, where fear always lives.
If you want to schedule a session and work through some of the fears that are coming up for you or get clarity about direction and what you really want and what you can and can’t do in the context of your current situation, let me know. We can schedule a time or a series of times.
We are hosting my annual New Year’s five-day Thought Detox Challenge January 23. I think it would be a great thing for you to attend since it systematically looks into issues and of course Get You Back (GYB) goes deeper into everything; but even the two together can be a complement. It’s just 90 minutes a day for those five days with possibly an extra day bonus. Some of the people who are still with me got started in last year’s Challenge and got a lot out of it.
Take care and sending much love. I think that your having to slow down because of your mishap is very consistent with your wish to pull in and be the hero you’ve been waiting for! You’ve been through a lot this year and I feel you regrouping.
I think you want to watch out for stories like “I’m lost” because in some ways, there is no such thing as being lost, unless there is a story that you need to know what’s going to happen next. And  none of us know that! Sometimes there is great relief and great safety in the “don’t-know” mind, and it is only the illusion of control, and the need to predict or give meaning to things, that creates our suffering.
I think getting found is like turning around to give yourself a hug. All you need is already here, you just forgot to come and get it, and it is here in a way that nothing else and no one else ever can be.

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