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“ANXIETY SOBRIETY” means not becoming more addicted to your own emotional chemicals. You become alert to the 5 kinds of thoughts that are akin to picking up a drink or a donut! Old knee-jerk reactions fall away once you know how to use the Symmetry in whatever upsets as an efficient and 100% reliable path to peace. I’ll be posting videos daily that break down the pivotal shifts and coping strategies I’ve spent of The NO-MATTER-WHAT Way TM (which incorporates aspects of The Work of Byron Karie) into super helpful, bite-sized exercises. This shortcut to loving life as it comes—via this spiritually and scientifically sound self-evolution has rapidly transformed me and others so rapidly—even after decades of inner work—so I love to share it. Now is a perfect time to learn—or deepen your application of—this fearless win-win way of life fueled by self-love and service. Message me if you want to know more or need support, and share it with friends.