It’s a phenomenal time to WATCH what you tell yourself and to understand how powerfully you can harness that to get a freeing shift. It’s fun hearing from those of you who are noticing how different your reactions are than in past health and economic crises even though this one seems much more impactful. You have some phenomenal tools here to help you:

  • evolve into dependable peace by turning around anxiety and future projections;
  • experience the power, safety, and fun of curiosity and compassion;
  • find what I mean by UN*CONDITIONAL (no-matter-what) THRIVING!

Don’t just watch your thinking, but help it out! When you Become the Curious Compassionate Caretaker of the Littlest Parts  of YOU you’ll find that life brings you just what you need to wake up to the specific ways you have innocently abandoned yourself and others in times of fear, anger, or uncertainty. Learn to lovingly BE WITH the “frozen” places in your body that have linked up to the thinking that keeps sustaining them in a misguided effort to save you. 

Go BEYOND MINDFULNESS where those suffering parts of you finally get to see that they no longer need to be on high alert and can go play (i.e., relax into a win-win life you love). Start to list the “one-liner” thoughts behind anxiety and stress.  Then feel free to reply to this email if you want to have a conversation with me or get support from one of our coaches or members of our UN*Conditional Connection community with how to shift that thinking.

USE THIS TIME FOR…. While you are WATCHING (rather than believing) anxiety-provoking thoughts, you may notice that all reactivity around these events comes from believing a thought that projects an image to which we react.  And you may notice that all fear is a story about the future or a projection from the past.  

DON’T steamroll over or ignore those thoughts with positivity any more than you would with a child believing something “BAD” is happening. You can help out the thoughts, i.e., “un-link what you think.”  Just notice how you react WITH the thought and who you’d be WITHOUT IT.  As the caretaker of our own stress level, that conscious awareness moves us back into into freedom and pro-active action in the now.  

You may even want to join us in creating some long-awaited self-aligned action! Whether it was clearing a cluttered room, paying off all the bills, or painting a room, the fun self-accountability we set up last weekend kept a number of folks on track!!!

WATCH what shows up. For now, what you are (and are not) getting done is valid and valuable. Just noticing helps you see where your energy wants to go, lets you recognize the stories that leave you kind of paralyzed (or just in need of a long-awaited break and some self-comfort), and gives you a thread to helping out the parts of you that are fearful or resistant. If you’re interested in cracking the code on a life you love by finally attending to those places, you may want to even look into the Aligned Action Adventure Mastermind and Manifestation Experience.



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