Anxiety Sobriety Video Series: Video Nine

TIRED OF “EARLY MORNING DREAD? Many of you know the experience of up in the morning (or in the middle of the night!) to a wave of dread as your story of “what’s is, was, or will be happening” kicks in. Not just in the current crisis, but fairly regularly or during other crises. That sense of anxiety and overwhelm was my daily companion when my health, career, financial security, and marriage all crashed within nine months in 2001, and for years afterwards.

Till I learned how to be with it.

I learned and love to share that it is MANAGEABLE, in fact it can be your gift of self-evolution! Once you know how to apply your own little ‘freedom toolkit,” whatever hurts becomes a PORTAL to a dependable kind of peace and thriving–and to knowing how to help yourself.


To get started, watch the four-minute ANXIETY SOBRIETY VIDEO 9 above: “Antidote to Early Morning Dread.” Then consider joining our private “Happiness Hacks” Facebook group to BINGE WATCH the entire 10-video Anxiety Sobriety series I posted out as COVID support.

I invite you to download this link to the free Beyond MIndfulness Map. Consider increasing your level of self-acceptance by trying out this simple enlightening exercise for a few mornings… then let me know how it goes. FB message me or call me at 301-785-0545 and my team will make sure you get support!

Since 9 and 10 are very connected, and related to the Beyond MIndfulness Map, I’ll send the next video very soon in a second email. Feel free to comment or write me back, especially if you would like help with your own struggles or with understanding how I can say Anxiety is Optional!

Much Love, Shawn xxoo

PS– In the Happiness Hacks private FB group, you’ll also be able to scroll down to view the rest of the videos in this series. I esp love number ONE, and the one where I was lying in bed! 🙂

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