Imagine the same image/event/symptiom that creates fear and dread with ZERO interpretation of what that thing means about you or your future. It may not feel like anxiety is optional–and I don’t recommend censoring the parts of you that have it.


In the last 5-min ANXIETY SOBRIETY video [see previious email or click here to watch], I described how the litlest parts of you relaxT when they know you are going to stay with them NO MATTER WHAT. You can also still download the simple Beyond Mindfulness Map pictured above.

In this 8-minute ANXIETY SOBRIETY video (below), I share a critical strategy that is not directly discussed in the BMM PDF, and give examples from my COVID and a client’s divorce jealousy work that release us from the emotional charge created by our own doom-and-gloom interpretation.

It turns out you can often instantly reduce anxiety and feelings of helplessness/victimization like the “COVID symptoms” and “divorce jealousy” examples I share in this video.

You really can ‘level the playing field’ of the negative bias that has evolved in our survival-driven brains. You can literally help yourself to much greater peace and a deepening self evolution that allows you to Thrive this Time, even if the same images/experiences brought suffering before.

I invite you to join our Happiness Hacks group, where you can see all the Anxiety Sobriety videos, and many more posts, support, etc., and can bring your questions and insights.

Much Love, Shawn xxoo

PS–If you’d like support with any issues, I am opening up more FREE private Happiness Breakthrough sessions. Just click THIS LINK to book a wonderful time with me!

We can also send you links to the Anxiety Sobriety videos if you’d rather not join the Happiness Hacks FB group. Just email my team at support@shawnmahshie.com with any needs and concerns. We are HERE!

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