The Self-Evolution Divorce:
A Support and Solution Group

Let the clouds part and the sun rise on YOUR NEW LIFE!

This new video-conference group will begin on MONDAY, AUGUST 19th at 7:15 p.m. Eastern.  Anyone who is going through a divorce or break up of a long-term relationship is encouraged to attend. Learn to be gentle and forgiving toward yourself in a safe nurturing environment with Shawn Mahshie as facilitator.

Shawn is amazingly gifted and gifting (generous) in guiding people toward the path that serves them best for their higher good.  Join her in your best adventure into a new life.

FREE to NEW ATTENDEES: First 2 sessions, along with a consultation with Shawn, are FREE.  This group is also free to clients who are in groups or private work with Shawn, and for one 6-week cycle after attending a retreat.  Come and see/hear for yourself what all the buzz is about. Learn how to use what upsets you as your direct path to peace and the key to standing in loving solidarity with yourself!

FOR QUESTIONS OR RSVP email to Pamela at: support@shawnmahshie.com

The following is from Shawn:

“I’m excited to announce that I am starting a new group that will be meeting every Monday night for those going through a divorce or break up of a committed long-term relationship where your lives have become intertwined.

Working with people who are transitioning out of their marriages and into new lives is one of my favorite things.  The transformation and course correction in their relationship to themselves, others, and life (SOAL) that comes out of this Love Yourself Happy work makes it possible to not only have a surprisingly drama-free divorce, but to use whatever drama does come up (or has been the root cause of the marriage dissolution) to move efficiently into a healing and whole place.

In other words, once you know how to turn your biggest challenges into your biggest breakthroughs, you can use every painful or confusing or frustrating or lonely or scary aspect of your divorce to evolve yourself to living in warm and loving solidarity with yourself.  I have a number of folks in various stages of divorce now, and the ones who have been part of my retreats 

This is a sweet state of belongingness and NO MATTER WHAT self-support and advocacy, for the rest of your life, no matter what other relationships come and go.  This lets you use whatever upsets you as your direct path to peace, freedom, and unconditional connection to self.

This shift of a lifetime is what has made these last years of my life so happy and healthy, arriving at a level of safety I never experienced until I learned to keep my own counsel.

So, I love passing it along to others, helping them through the ups and downs of divorce, including the very practical aspects I have navigating the court system, obtaining housing, sorting out custody, and building a new life with a new community of support, love, and laughter that my groups offer.”