Cheat Sheet to “Reverse Engineering” Manifestation Miracles: Part 1

MANIFESTATION MENTORING—My own fun personal process around a challenging issue (long—but cool!):

[I started to post this on the fun intimate conversation thread we have in our Aligned Action Adventure, the “the self-evolution and manifesting via helping your holdouts group” that has become our premier year-long mastermind program. But I decided to share it more broadly, since this year-long group has periodic enrollment cyles to join, and we are just staring one of them!  I know there are folks on my Happiness Hacks FB group and mailing list who not only qualify for this higher level group, but would love the rich real-time process we are creating in this BETA group.]


In my multi-faceted vision, things just get held ‘out there’ as a happy dream and I move toward what comes to me to do next.  Mostly, things just plug along with RADICAL serendipity every day–the distance between a vision of something happening and the person or solution that shows up to make it happen in ways I can’t possibly imagine is almost instantaneous (often the very next phone call that presents me with a solution I could never have imagines from my own conscious mind).

It’s like free-falling and not knowing where you’re going to land, but trusting that where ever you land will be OK!  That’s one of the 4 reasons why my property is called LIGHT LANDING! (Write to me at shawn@happysymmetry.com if you want to know the other reasons!)

CAN’T SEE THE “HOW” (and that’s OK!)

Right now, the vision is exploding in both the coaching and rental business!  Just to focus on the retreat/rental property, it seems everything that needs to be addressed all at once, so I know I am on a particularly grand Algined Action Adventure, since I can’t see yet HOW any of it is going to come about, but I know I don’t need to know. I just move in the direction of the happy vision and address what comes up (and notice the areas where I’m NOT moving and trust those too, and address what they show me about fear, resistance, or distraction from “going confidently in the direction of my dreams and living the lie I have imagined for myself.  Because I have practiced this way of living for yeas, and am now sharing it, it seems I’ve moved into a new phase where more things get created simultaneously and the help to create them shows up at just the right time (of course without me needing to know in advance what it will look like!)

The visions that are showing up for me (ALL AT ONCE!): 1) to continue holding onto our cottage (my friend/business partner needs to be off the mortgage), 2) to do a major remodel on my own house to bring it closer to my vision of its full potential for this gorgeous spot, 3) to add a second story yoga studio and meeting room on my garage, and 4) to be poised to buy another nearby property if/when it comes up for sale. (Well, it would also be amazing to add a swimming pool and second story to the cottage, so throw that in too!)BIG VISION STALLED?

While I am creating like crazy all the time and am highly motivated about our LOVE YOURSELF HAPPY coaching endeavors around the clock, the “HOLDOUT” aspect of this particular set of things that relates to the physical property where I live and work is that I don’t know where the financing for all of this is coming from, or how or when it will show up, and then which project will get addressed first. Of course, that does not stop me—if it did I wouldn’t have any of these beautiful places or this happiness/self-love coaching business—that ‘NOT KNOWING’ is one of the main things I teach that lets us be completely supported by life.


Not seeing where the money is going to come from has been the case for almost every major improvement or addition to this home and retreat spot of mine; and even while I had loved ones telling me it was crazy and I couldn’t affort it, I keep the focus on my own process of trusting the vision, questioning and addressing the fear, reistance, and stumbling blocks that would stand in the way, and move forward,  and free falling in the direction of the vision I have, letting reality tweak the picture and letting the YES’s and NO’s emerge and illuminate my path as I go where ever the energy takes me.

So that is what these comments and “cheat sheet” secrets I wanted to report to this small Aligned Action Adventure Mastermind Group were about (from these and the experience of the new group, I have created a process that I’ll unveil on Saturday August 17 at our Aligned Life Lift-Off Summer wind-down Munch, Mingle, Music and Manifestation Day (See details at the bottom). Here is the casual note I wrote to the group that I decided to share with my entire list:

“Hi Adventurers! While I haven’t filled in a FOCUS FORM for this yet, I’ve had an incredible cascade of progress this week on my second FOCUS, which relates to my vision for this retreat/rental property of getting financing for my upcoming remodels, refinancing the cottage mortgage in my own name, and being prepared to buy another property. (Let me know if you know a person or group of people who want to invest, co-sign, or partner with me!!)

While I very much feel one or more of these to be the next thing I’m doing (among many other next things), and I even have deadlines in mind, I don’t have a sense at all of what will work or when. I didn’t need to know so I just started moving forward and two architects showed up to trade services with me so I’m on another adventure now about the financing.

I especially don’t have a picture of how paying for all these visions is going to work; I just have a picture of it being done so I let that picture take shape and flourish (or shrivel, if that’s where I find it goes) by taking action steps in its direction—as you guys are getting so good at defining and doing.

For a few months now, I was busy with other things but was also kind of stuck in the “how hole” that was generating some fear that none of the lenders would give me money, and that had me avoiding a couple of action steps.


As a result of bringing my focus back to this endeavor and attending to the big “it” and where it wants to go—and questioning that nagging thought about not getting a loan… remembering that a “NO” is always equal to and often better than a “YES” (even from lenders). I was able to shift, and watched myself effortlessly rake not just one, but four action steps in the last 24 hours!!!

1) Hanging out with my neighbors (not discussing anything about real estate, but I had been wanting to reconnect and also to hear if they volunteered any news about their building process),

2) Calling the real estate lawyer (who had structured my buyout of my cottage-owning partners three years ago) to answer questions the mortgage lender had about how the property is titled,

3) Got back to the mortgage person with the answers (I still need to listen to her voicemail message, which I just right now realized I was kind of avoiding), and then suddenly…

4) Decided to discuss creative solutions with a couple I like who have kind of dropped in my lap, and who have stayed here and love it, and who are looking to buy a place.

For many reasons, I realized we could be part of the WIN-WIN solution for each other. So I proposed to them that we brainstorm about it a bit, and they gave it some thought and think it might be cool too!!!!


We only chatted for 15 minutes and both had no idea or clear picture yet of how it would work; yet they wrote to me about an hour after we talked and said they really wanted to dialogue more about it and think that it might really work. (Yay!)

They suggested one specific thing: “we would need to be part owners.” I kept my own counsel and came back with my experience of that maybe not being the best solution for a variety of reasons—and suggested other possible ways to structure things. I risked losing them then and there, but they came back and said “Sounds good. Let’s explore the next steps!”

No bad outcomes here… even if we can’t come to an agreement. This will lead me to the next thing! And, next week the architect who I’ve been trading coaching services with will send the plans so I can get bids and an idea of the cost of the remodel.  I have a feeling it’s going to be more than I had in mind.  But at least I’ll know.  And that will lead us to a new place of action or non-action, and receiving support from sources I could not possibly have imagined.”

WANT THAT FOR YOURSELF?  Call, email, or message me, or check out the Aligned Action Adventure page.

STAY TUNED FOR Part 2 that includes the Cheat Sheet, and message me or come to our event if you want support with a stuck issue or reaction or dream.


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Also, don’t miss Part Two of Shawn’s Manifestation Cheat Sheet where she provides you with action steps to move yourself toward your own life goals.  Enjoy!