Going BEYOND Just Saying “Is It TRUE” to Filter the Brain’s FILTERS


The video, which was posted by a member of our Happiness Hacks FB group (click to join) shows what we are up against with our very powerful brains that can outsmart us.  The teaching we employ delves deeper into how to unlock the neural pathways the brain is used to taking us.  There are many programs/traumas and childhood wounds for instance that may no longer serve us and can actually hinder us from finding the peace and fulfillment we all desire.  For more information watch the video “Thinking Happy – Outsmarting the Brain’s Filters” on my blog. To delve even further and to truly begin to set yourself free, read my comments on the video below and contact me for a complimentary session to re-wire your brain around a stressful situation of your own!


So… in many ways the video is Exactly what we are doing here… and there is often a need to go much further into compassionate, efficient shifting of the doom and gloom interpretations. They actually need to see for themselves the consequence of believing that line of thinking — kind of a hot stove approach when the mind witnesses that the survival-driven thoughts and the reactions it believed were saving us are actually the ONLY source of the problem. 

Asking the question found in much of Buddhist philosophy and in The Work “IS IT TRUE?” is such an amazing and simple practice. 

And to ask the second question in The Work “CAN I ABSOLUTELY KNOW IT’S TRUE?” catches it when your mind is still believing it and you’re getting a resounding YES.

So sometimes that is all that is needed, but I’m here for the part of you that also doesn’t see through the thinking at first glance, or even feels somewhat ridiculed by those questions, and just needs to be seen in your own pain. Or we may see in the moment that the thought is not true, but without going deeper, those thoughts keep trying to get our attention by showing up as interpretations in more and more situations — while life continues to escalate and bring us more and more obviously triggering situations until we wake ourselves up to the original errors in our own logic. 

When we drop The Work or the questions from the video into a comprehensive self-shift process that I call The PAIN-to-PEACE PROCESS (PTP Process), which is part of a bigger paradigm shift called “The NO-MATTER-WHAT WAY,” we create a proactive win-way of life fueled by self-love, service, and aligned action. There are six simple keys that grow a relationship of unconditional connection to Self, Others, & Abundant Life (SOAL). 

  • Key 1 is about caring that you’re hurting, confused, or scared, and BECOMING THE CURIOUS COMPASSIONATE CARETAKER of the littlest parts of yourself. Then those parts of you can hear those “IS IT TRUE?” questions. 
  • Key 2 and even more important is OBSERVING THE OPERATION AND OPENING TO THE OPPOSITE via the witnessing of how you react when you believe that thought and who you’d be in your same situation without it (questions 3 and 4 of The Work).From there, you are able to go to:
  • Key 3, SEEK THE SYMMETRY in your situation and yourself, which finds the polar opposite in a way that neutralizes the old belief and allows you to move In curiosity, openness, and creativity, loving life exactly as it shows up and attending to any story that looks or feels like “NOT LOVE.” 
  • Key 5, is helping out the parts that are turning against you (INVITE, INCLUDE, and INTEGRATE YOUR INNOCENCE) and 
  • Key 6, the parts that haven’t really let go of the idea that something bad is happening to you at the hands of others/life. (FLIP TO FORGIVENESS, FREEDOM, and FEARLESS FAITH).

    Just wanted to really affirm the IS IT TRUE query, the first line of helping you to shift, but also to let folks know that this may not really evolve you the way you can as you start to live out of this new paradigm of using whatever upsets you as your path to peace, that results in living in symmetry and self-solidarity as happy ways of life that are always there to support you. 

    WOW… I really went into that! 

    Thanks again for posting that as a springboard to expanding on it! XOX”



  • Here was the COMMENT ON OUR HAPPINESS HACKS FB GROUP FROM THE PERSON WHO ORIGINALLY POSTED THIS VIDEO: “Shawn Mahshie that’s amazing. I am researching the topic of happiness for a year now and the insights you provided above are really valuable. Thanks for that and apprec.”

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019

Going BEYOND Just Saying “Is It TRUE” to Filter the Brain’s FILTERS