Cheat Sheet to “Reverse Engineering the Manifestation Game” Part 2

To understand the back story, check out Part 1.


How did I get to these action steps?

While there will be some kind of official cheat sheet or steps published, this was something I wrote just casually to some clients when noticing 4 things that are consistent with all of what has been created in my life.

Some of it has happened despite being up against odds that—for most people—would  kill the vision before if ever gets off of the ground. I’m in about 3 of those right now in different areas… were folks can’t believen I’m even holding onto these visions because they don’t see that it looks reasonable or doable to get there.  What I describe here is part of a way of living that allows the vision to flourish… and along with it the kind of passion and purpose that has me almost never feeling tired–even after suffering with chronic fatigue for much of my earlier life.

We so often stuff our inner longing for something that wants to get created and lead what Thoreau called “lives of quiet desperation,” ultimately leading to chronic illness, depression, addiction, divorce —all of which I suffered when I didn’t honor my inner vision.  And from which I have recovered spectacularly–as long as I support the energy to flow where it wants to go.  As long as I “Go confidently in the direction of my dreams, and live the life I have imagined for myself.” (Also written by Thoreau!)

SO what has kept me going? What makes this possible, and is working for the folks in the group to move into this way of living in symmetry with themselves, others, and life?


Here is what I call “Reverse Engineering-The Manifestation Game:”  It’s the self-evolution solution that counts–not arriving at the goal, but letting the journey evolve you and please you:

  1. Let your vision do its own thing; you already ARE creation.

    You don’t need to work hard on creating it, getting super specific with it,  doing vision boards, ignoring or affirming over fears and negativity with positivity you don’t really feel… you just need to help out those parts of you instead, and the rest will simply unfold,  You ARE creation incarnate already!  You already have a happy picture of it inside you of what “wants to” get created, and yet that picture also does not dictate what will happen at all.  It is just a fun place holder – while you enjoy what DOES show up!  In many cases we believe that our doom and gloom vision is the more reasonable placeholder, and it has us under a trance that keeps us from moving forward.  Live your life, periodically bringing the focus back to your happy vision, and

2.Notice what you’re doing and not doing–not blame, no shame–just celebrate what actually shows up.

See it as data. Like an experiment in understanding what has kept this from shifting, if it’s that important to you. Spot the “why not’s” that would keep you from moving into action, and state them as ‘one-liners’ that can be questioned and you can observe the consequce of believing them (i.e., staying stuck).

3. Compassionately inquire into the fear/resistance stories or other priorities that keep you from it.  THIS THE REAL WORK.  That is the reverse manifestation… it’s about undoing the thinking that gets in the way. All you need to do is spot it, name it, do the Pain-to-Peace process on it–which includes self-inquiry via The Work into the trust of the thougths that are scaring or stopping you.  This part of you never did want to be the heavy… it wants to play and create so it is happy to let go.  It’s easy to undo the stories that headed down a path that doesn’t let you be supported by all that is.  We know how to help that out.  Just keep leaning in the direction of where “it” wants to go, let the vision flourish and play in your mind,  and question the thoughts that would tell you otherwise.

3. Trust what unfolds.  Most of all, don’t be hard on yourself for what is and is not unfolding or let a thought that tells you what “should” happen go unquestioned.

In my own example in Part I, did NOTHING on this for so long, and then there seems to be a period of readiness and things all fall into place. This process does not work if you try to micromanage the timing of the process or beat yourself up for not doing what you thought needed to be done next. You’re really not in charge. That’s the biggest thing right now. Just you take the action steps and get out of the way of your vision, you will find the most phenomenal win-win solutions show up that you could never in a million years have imagined just by thinking or talking about it.  That’s why coming up with a very specific vision of a material thing can be super limiting and also is not where manifestation comes from—not from your conscious mind.  In fact, belieivng you’re the one who creates with your thoughts is a recipe for becoming depressed and demoralized when things don’t come through.  It’s all much bigger than you.  Your main job is to help out the thoughts that would limit the creation…

4. Become the ‘wide receiver’ of what shows up (you’re not the one throwing the pass but you have to take action to get yourself to the place you’re led to go to recieve it!)

While you are moving in that direction and taking steps, you just live life in a way that manifests trust in this greater process, being the grateful observer of what you ARE doing and what you are NOT doing in the direction of clearing up a big issue or living a dream.   Keep bringing the FOCUS back and tweaking the vision based on what “it” wants and what feels good. Notice what is working and not working and whether it feels aligned with you and where you want to go, and you will find yourself living in the direction of your dreams.  The “IT”, Creation, All of YOU/All that IS will totally take care of the parts where you can’t see HOW it will work. Completely let go of needing to know HOW something will take place, but enjoy going in the direction of the HOW that occurs to you (actions you can take) and help out the thoughts that get stymied when you don’t see the HOW and never let the vision flourish.

5. Lean into what feels good, feel your feelings and attend to what doesn’t feel good, and flow where the vision and energy take you.

This means paying attention to your NO’s as well as your YESes, trusting that a NO is as good as or better than a YES for its ability to evolve you to exactly where you want to go. It’s not about the goal, its about waking yourself up to what would keep you from enjoying each moment.


BACK TO MY PERSONAL EXAMPLE TO SEE HOW THAT FOLLOWING THE ENERGY WORKS: When I started putting two and two together and realized (just yesterday) that this couple who had dropped in my lap were looking for a waterfront house and were running into dead ends, it occurred to me I might want to consider having them buy one of my houses, which would take care of that issue of the mortgage!!! I know they love it here, the timing is perfect, I would have a buyer without looking or paying a commission, and I know I like them, and I think we woudl do well as next-door neighbors.

So I consciously gave it some thought and tried to open myself to a vision of selling to them, when it occurred to me while talking with a friend last night. I took time to experiment in my mind with trying to shift myself into a new picture…trying to really imagine them buying one of the houses… and I noticed that I did not have any vision of it.


Someday maybe, but not now.

Yet, I have many clear visions of me staying here. I don’t want to sell!  There is a vision for an addition on the house and the garage, the plans are complete, and I am taking action steps toward financing it even though I don’t see how it will work. There is a vision of holding more retreats here. There is one of making this a place for others to hold spiritual retreats. Even though I don’t know HOW I’m going to make that work!

There is simply NOT a vision for selling either house at this time, and I wouldn’t want to go through the trauma of trying to force myself. I will if I have to, but that would be a different time and place, and it probably won’t feel like forcing myself at that point.

Trying to do it now doesn’t really feel aligned with who I am and where ‘it’ wants to go. This is a really important part of this Aligned Action Adventure called life. Listening to your NO’s as well as your YESes. Whether it’s a no from life or a no from yourself, it will move you into the next step, where you wake up to a clearer picture of what you DO want.

As soon as I heard the NO to selling, that was not a deterrent. Because it soon got me in touch with what I DO want to do.  It seemed clear that the next place where “it” wanted to go was to consciously put more mental problem-solving energy into thinking about how it might work to partner with them instead of selling them one of the houses.

I did not have a vision at all, but I still was very much wanting to move in that direction. So when I stumbled on them very soon after that, I decided to talk about it! The energy between both of us really flowed toward wanting to create something together, where they would be investors or in some way work it out, and agreed we would each start opening to how we could structure it to be a win-win.


Important to know: Even though I didn’t have a clear vision at all of how we would do it, or whether they wanted to, or whether it would work even if we did both want to, I did have a clear vision that my next step was just to talk to them.  That’s all I needed to know.

We can completely sabotage ourselves and our progress when we fail to take those clear next steps where “it” wants to go. Or when we MAKE ourselves take steps that don’t feel like where it wants to go. Either way, this is when we fail to thrive, fail to create, and stay stuck in our troubles or the holdout patterns that keep us from completely loving our life as it is.

That’s why the whole focus of this kind of Aligned Action manifesting is in the context of the NO-MATTER-WHAT WAY is simply to:

😎Cast a wide net on what you don’t COMPLETELY love about your life,  lean into what you believe you want at this time, and hold the happy vision of where it wants to go,

😎 Come up with clear do-able action steps for going there, when you will do them, and how you will support yourself to get them done, then notice what you DO and DON’T DO,

😎 Do the Pain-to-Peace Process on your ‘Why Not’s”–the fears, resistance, or lack of forgiveness that would keep you from taking those clear steps, then just recieve what life brings.

There really is a science to this, and while this article was just a casual reflection written as a text to the group, for whom so many stuck “hold out” places have finally shifted or started to shift. So many dreams have started to become clearer and started to take shape.


Help Out the Parts that Keep you from Moving and the Rest is GOLDEN

Instead of just ‘staying positive’ or repeating affirmations, the changes they’ve experienced in these hugely stuck places came out by discovering exactly why they weren’t able to act. Go ahead and focus on the inner nay-sayers! See them!  Love them!  Thank them for their somewhat misguided efforts to keep you safe by keeping you from taking action.  These littlest parts of us have to be brought into the light in order to help them out.  They need to see for themselves that trying to save us by protecting us and focusing on the negative has not worked.

That’s why I call it reverse engineering, we focus on the survival-driven stumbling blocks, reverse them, and from that, so many changed are now emerging for these courageous committed folks.

I quote Einstein on the Aligned Action Adventure information and education webpage, “NOTHING HAPPENS TILL SOMETHING MOVES.”

We have got the antidote here for the failure to move on what wants to shift in your life.

Check out that educational Aligned Action Adventure webpage!

And after you’ve enjoyed that thought-provoking page, if you know there are things in your life that you want to shift, but for some reason they still haven’t, I’m happy to have an Aligned Action Strategy call with you.   It’s not rocket science…. its becoming who you already are!  XOX   Just email me at shawn@happysymmetry.com  or click this link if you want support with a stuck issue or postponed dream.  Also let me know if you are interested in that AAA Mastermind Group.  I believe it will be full by Saturday, but the Fall retreat or the No MATTER WHAT Masterclass Group that prepare folks to move smoothly into Aligned Action starts in October and still has space available.