Out of the Box Thinking for Prosperity – Response to Client A

Continued from Shawn’s email on Prosperity – Response to Client A

I think many of us think that would be too easy or even boring. It’s not! It’s totally exciting and thrilling and the truth is, we have NO idea what’s next and what’s around the corner or over the next hill. That’s why I call this group an adventure!!!

Your only job is to notice the future doom and gloom thoughts, notice how you feel when you believe them, notice who you’d be without them, and notice that you are actually better equipped to face and create a vibrant beautiful future when you turn them around.

What if… none of that bad stuff happens? What if …you finally break the addiction to these emotional states around lack? What if …you rock and roll your dear innocent holdout places right into the life of your dreams. What if …you trust that if any one of those “bad” what-ifs does happen, it will be the best thing that ever happened!

As another client is finding out, the vigilant questioning of your stressful thinking is a living, loving, walking waking up mediation that is your commitment to not letting yourself ramp up suffering out of thin air.

That will happen—is it true? If it happens that will be a bad thing.., can you absolutely know that is true?