Out of the Box Thinking for Prosperity – Response to Client B

This is continued from Shawn’s email on Prosperity Thinking, Response to client B.

The entire gist of this work is that we need to stay out of the business of the how and put our sights on being happy.  This is our ultimate outcome, and then narrow it down to the attributes that would create happiness, then narrow it down to the more physical things that feel like they would move us in that direction, then narrow it down to a number of different avenues for baby steps and see what shows up.

Part of it would even be what feels bad about being dependent on your housemate financially. Get to the bottom of that story.  See how you are doing to yourself whatever it feels like is being done to you and that makes you not want that dependency…It would be an interesting inquiry that will get things rocking off center and rolling in a new direction.