Turning Around Your Thoughts

Turning your Thoughts Around is not just a mental exercise…. this is a true “removing the log from our own eye before we remove the spec from our neighbor ‘s.” Turn-arounds are a direct path to living the Golden Rule… finding out how we are doing to others and ourselves exactly what we thought was being done to us, and using our stressful situation to compassionately reveal our blind spots. Also to take the hopeless, helpless focus off what we cannot change, and to see that we do have a viable path to peace, whether or not others change.

This week, the folks attending our group at UNITY got a little introduction to turning around our stressful thinking. While I wanted to invite them to watch this 11-minute how-to video about TURN-AROUNDS (just scroll down on our VIDEOS page), and to reach out to their partner (or to us if they don’t have a partner yet and want one), I also wanted to share these ideas about Seeking the Symmetry with everyone on our list.

Whatever upsets us carries within it a ‘unique code’ that unlocks our next transformation to freedom and peace. That makes us all beginners when it comes to seeking the light, happy perspective that can be unveiled by SEEKING THE SYMMETRY in the situations where we are truly believing our own stressful thinking. It can be helpful to bring yourself BACK TO BASICS OF “OPENING TO THE OPPOSITE” no matter how long you’ve been in this practice (I made this video 2 years ago, so it was fun to see what I got out of watching it from my current perspective.) We are morphing in every moment!


CLICK on the SEEK THE SYMMETRY circle below to read the description of Pivotal Shift 3 (written while I was in CHINA!). This shift, “Seek the Symmetry in your Situation and Your Self,” describes what is taking place when you turn around the stressful concepts driving your emotional reactions, and the before/after and tools that support this pivotal shift.

shift three

Also, feel free to write us at shawn@happysymmetry.com and let us know if you want access to all 6 Pivotal Shifts in the HeartMinding Blueprint below or want to meet with me about how it works to use your own stressful situation as your path to greater peace.

🙂 Shawn