Today’s Dreaded Outcome Meets Fearless Faith

I am moving in fearless faith, without a clue how my situation will work out. It has become a way of life to not go into tragedy and loss and fear and high anxiety and doom and gloom stories — all the things I would have gone into in the past when the very things I feared came true. I still don’t have any answers.


And yet it continues to surprise me that I am simply flooded with gratitude to be in a place to know that I don’t need to know the answers.  To notice that my body and mind have stayed calm and focused. That I have simply moved into action wherever I can, and that I have trusted the rest to work out in ways that I could never have imagined.


Experiencing a Loss


What am I talking about? I am talking about someone who has worked for me for 14 years and who I depend on. My property manager, who helps with rentals and is the cook for our retreats, is moving on to another job. Such a dear friend, part of my local “extended family,” and a partner in what we always call “the buddy system” (because we have found ways to make each other’s lives work for so long through mutual reciprocity, despite all kinds of changes and ups and downs).


Because of my big building project and closing down most of my rentals all winter, she took a supplementary job that has worked out well for her. While I am sorry to see her go, I am happy for her to stay with that. At the same time we are coming into spring and summer season for vacation rentals. Not only has she been doing cleaning and handyman work and shopping for all supplies and is a great help and support to our guests (a wonderful addition to their stays while all return guests look forward to seeing her again), but was also the person who did mowing and yard work on our two acres!


Having just found out earlier this morning, Of course I have already put out feelers wherever I can, and I invite everyone reading this to let me know if you know someone who would like a flexible, fun, diverse kind of job, whether just a summer job or something long term.


I Trust it Will All Work Out

It is one of those bgg life moments, yet I trust that somehow it will all work out. Even if I go back to cleaning myself for a while!


However I am deeply committed to my very big mission here which includes books and digital courses and speaking on international stages and TV. I already work practically around the clock (dictating this at 1 a.m. after such a full day)…  so me cleaning probably isn’t the ideal solution! Plus I’m not as good at it as others!


The point of this email is not a plea for help. It is a plea for you to know that there is a whole other way of being in the world that most of us simply were not taught—and for me that included a lifetime of church and spiritual study.


Tools to Help Us Move Forward


My Get You Back course (for which we just had an orientation with 20 people tonight) is about SO much more than reconnecting with parts of you that you’ve lost along the way. Or about reconnecting to those in troubled relationships. Or about clearing up finances or work or health challenges. Or about calming the overwhelm or anxiety or addiction or dysfunction in your life.


Yes. The tools I will be teaching in the next six weeks Will totally allow you to move forward and turn around each one of those areas and more.


But in the privacy of my own heart, having written A loving supportive and hopeful text to my dear friend and collaborator, I realized that what this work has given me over and over and over again is not only the absence of fear, but very real, very practical, fearless faith—the ability to truly allow life to support me and manifest in ways I could never have imagined.


Living in Symmetry


What the folks in this course will be getting is this whole new Way of life I call “living in symmetry.”  Once you have used every challenge to wake you up to your direct path to peace, over and over and over again for as long as life brings you challenges, you will start to realize you are living in a completely different place, where nothing really appears to be a problem (even though the people in my environment will tell you I face many “problems” on a daily  basis).


I remember I found it hard to believe Byron Katie’s saying that she was still looking, but for the most part nothing really appeared as a problem to her anymore.


And yet the very thing that I spoke about all winter, telling folks that my sense was that my dear helper probably would not be coming back, was kind of like a mental exercise. I knew it was highly likely, and I knew I would want to know as soon as possible, and I knew I also wanted to wait until she let me know because I wanted her to be comfortable with her decision, and I knew that I would cross this bridge when I came to it — but I didn’t know how I would react when it did happen.


Worst Case Scenarios


I always tell people that my freedom has come from going all the way to worst case scenarios, And finding that you cannot necessarily know if that is a bad thing, So that was the space from which I waited for this big news to land.


Anyone who knows how much I have depended on this person would know that what happened today was the definition of potential “worst case scenario” for my retreat and vacation rental business as well as for my ability to move forward with my coaching business while letting other people handle this part.


Absolute Faith in the Absolute Unknown


And yet I’m OK. Very very very OK. Bathed in love and gratitude and warm water as I dictate this while staring at an absolute unknown where I have no answers. Yet I still have absolute faith that life will support me exactly the way I need.


Of course this is not a world problem, not the death of a loved one or what folks in the Ukraine are dealing with today. My heart goes out to one friend of mine who is in excruciating pain, and yet she works to make the very most of it using these same tools.


What I am talking about here is the real gift of the Get You Back Bootcamp and the year-long Mastermind group for which it is the first module.


Please let me know if you want this “living in curiosity and joy and faith”  for yourself. It starts next week and it is not too late to join.


Much love.



P.S. I have doctors and psychologists and other practitioners referring people to our programs, which is a great vote of confidence. And yet my best referral sources come directly from people who understand the depth of this work and have benefited themselves.


If you are already in this program or want to share it to someone, feel free to write back to me and join our “pay it forward perks partnership” so you can get credit towards your own programs with me (or donate it to our scholarship fund), and the person you invite can get a significant discount for the six week course or year-long No-Matter-What Mastermind.