Shawn’s client, Meghan, was in a dilemma. Her aging father had a remaining item on his bucket list: a trip he had long dreamed about, yet he didn’t feel he could afford, or physically manage, travel at his advanced stage of his life. Meghan was torn about whether to sacrifice being in Shawn’s program so she could help him realize his dream. Shawn’s Win-Win Solution Generator provided her clarity when she seemed unable to make a regret-free decision. As a client of Shawn and a member of her team, I can testify to the clarity that this little tool has provided when I’ve had to make both small and life-altering decisions.

Shawn: Could you imagine all the way to that worst case scenario, do The Work on it, and be OK with it? If it’s his money and his loss is that okay?

Or would you be compromising something you want and need (for example, the ability to continue on with me in a group or personal work that would truly support your happiness), and would that be fair to you? Would he want you to sacrifice your greater happiness for him?

And even if he would, does that mean you have to do it? This is about keeping your own counsel and trusting what you want. Look at the Win-Win Solution Generator on my website, clear the playing field of everyone else’s needs, and come up with your happiest vision for this problem. Be sure to ask your little girl parts what they want too! They will have good answers.

When you get in touch with your own clear vision and solution, and then come to the table and negotiate outcomes that don’t give that away, but also incorporate others’ needs, then you can be the creator of a win-win outcome.

Good luck, sweetie, and go with your new way of being: staying out of the drama. You can go through all the same emotions and take all the same action steps while still being calm inside. We can use logic and see where our energy goes as a guideline for what to do next, and we don’t actually need to be driven by concern or upset in order to take effective action.

Action happens anyway, and you can go through the very same motions, but without being distracted and upset which would make you less capable. It’s very cool.

You get to keep your own counsel and take steps in the directions that feel good for you, and then also be the grateful observer of whatever shows up. 🤗