Self-Solidarity Surrogate: What Goes Around Comes Around

As my ability to hold myself grows, so does my ability to hold YOU unconditionally! A client’s words about this amazing grace.

It’s Beyond my Wildest Dreams

This Valentine’s Day, I celebrate–via this note from a client–the phenomenal love, trust, and gratitude that ‘go around and come around’ between the ME that Is reflected in each of YOU and the YOU that is reflected in ME. Thank you to each heart that has filled mine to the brim this past year, somehow creating even more room!  What transpires between us is beyond my wildest dreams, and I love that you let me know it’s beyond yours too!. xoxo

“Yes, yes, YES!!!  I love our sessions, too, and I LOVE what you said about letting you act as kind of surrogate mom and to model and hold me in unconditional love while I’m learning to hold myself.  That’s so EXACTLY what I need.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, because I have an old coach contacting me and wanting me to come back to her group, and I absolutely cannot see myself doing that, now that I’ve had a taste of you.  You have such a different vibe about you, and are so kind and gentle and so loving.  That’s exactly what I need in order to heal.  I love how you’re such a wonderful role model, too, and LIVE what you’re teaching — not as if you’re perfect and way above everyone else, but just finding your peaceful way through this life that is never free of troubles, showing us that it can be done and how to do it.

What I also love about our time together is that you are unconditionally loving and accepting — you know me better than just about anybody else on this earth, and yet you’ve never once been judgmental or condemning (or shocked or horrified).  Any rejection would have shut me right down and built my walls up even higher, so I thank you very much that you’ve given me the gift of acceptance and of hope.  I’ve never, ever felt such sincere and, I know “unconditional” sounds so cliché, but that’s exactly what it is — completely free of judgments and “shoulds” — love.  I feel that I can trust you, and I’ve never really felt 100% that way about anyone before.”

The experience of love that characterizes these fun, close, honest, searching, productive relationships seems–in many ways–as much responsible for the shifts people are experiencing as the work we do.

Thank you for the commitment to receive…. even in just the reading of these posts. YOU taking that stand for yourself creates the best I have to give.

What a privilege.

Love you to the moon and back!


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