Let It Snow (OR… What do snow and Radical Relationship Relief have in Common?)

IMG_9905We have snow forecast this morning. And last night, I happened to buy these “Let It Snow” votive candle holders to send to my cohort of three childhood friends.

Lying here in the early morning, watching rain begin to fall on the roof window (skylight) just over my bed, I thought of the absurdity of the literal meaning of those words, LET IT SNOW (as if we were in control enough to do otherwise), and the sweet soft comfort of the “relax-and-enjoy-reality” meaning of those words.

They form a crystal clear metaphor for life: We are not in charge.  What unfolds here is as much out of our conscious control as when, how much, and whether it snows.  Especially how the others in our lives show up. 

We basically have two ways to go:

1) Feel like a victim of the people and events that are as much out of our control as the falling snow, engaging in non-stop complaints, projections, and pre-emptive reactions based on our story of how bad things will be if….  or

2) Relax and enjoy what is showing up, letting life land, soft and beautiful, as it will, then go frolicking through it, while also taking the actions that feel good and make sense to care for ourselves as the reality unfolds.

When you CAN’T “Just Let it GO”

shawn with green eyesI am here for the part of you that wants to live in that second (2) place of freedom, peace, and fun in your relationships, but just CAN’T.  At least not in some really important areas of your life–areas that still hurt or anger or scare you despite your long spiritual journey. 

There is no need, when you spot it, to shame yourself for the complaints and feelings of anger and hopelessness when you feel clueless how to shift your reaction to your spouse, children, boss, body, deadline, bank account, or impending snow.

Where is it you can’t just let the words of a partner fall on your like soft snow and go frolicking like the old days; where your situation around your grown children or aging parent does NOT feel relaxed and you don’t know what to do to change that. 

And I DO NOT PRESCRIBE ignoring those reactions either, or steamrolling over them with affirmations you don’t really believe–citing Law of Attraction and raised vibrations. That’s great when it works, but there is another natural law to which I point.

Letting your Mind Play God Is a Lose-Lose Propostion

My Monkey Mind spent more than half my lifetime trying to play God, and it really wasn’t working for me. READ MORE.  I actually believed its proclamations about how others, reality, and I needed to show up in order to keep me happy, safe, loved, prosperous. I was in a state of constant striving and emotional pain most of the time, which eventually turned into physical pain and failing to thrive.

When we start to meddle in the business of believing THEY need to behave some other way in order for us to be happy, we are engaged in a quest as hopeless as trying to stop the snow–wtih the mind-made conditions we place on our situation setting up a “LOSE-LOSE” outcome (it is the fear of that we feel in our gut, or that creates anxiety–not our situation itself).


We finally know how to reliably free the childlike decisions that over time had morphed into a tenacious form of negativity, judgment, and fearful projections that believe they are saving us with their illusions of control and ‘I know what is needed here.’  And in the process there is a very sweet reconciliation with the innocence in ourselves and others.

IMG_9907It’s so simple and clear once you get it, that I could say changing those unwanted controlling knee-jerk reactions to those you love ‘Isn’t BRAIN SCIENCE,” but the truth is, it IS brain science.  I’m about to announce a short, inexpensive program that guides you through the ‘how’ of using the way your brain is wired to undo all this suffering and create surefire WIN-WIN outcomes in all your relationships…. akin to the feeling of cuddling up near a warm fire with a good book and “LETTING IT SNOW.”

I know that sounds too good to be true, but once you have the tools, so MUCH changes. In fact, the way you see things can change immediately  when you start to rely on this natural law I will announce in my upcoming training.  The GREAT news is that we now possess and and I will share some life-altering technologies that work with the way our brains work to help that part of our minds.

COMMENT BELOW OR EMAIL ME AT shawn@happysymmetry.com  TO LET ME KNOW if you want me to send you more info about the upcoming Radical Relationship Relief training I’ll be announcing soon. This is an excellent and really cost-effective way to start applying in your own life these surefire ways to arrive quickly at a state of dependable peace and delicious connection in your relationship to self, others, and ‘as-is’ life (each of which is just as ‘as-is’ and unarguable as the falling snow).  If you think YOU are the one who  is choosing and creating your reality, you–like most of us–have missed a piece of information far more critical to your happiness than the weather forecast.

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  1. Hi Shawn, Sandra ( victim ostracized grandma)😉 here. I really enjoyed your above article and would be very pleased to hear details of your upcoming Radical Relationship Relief program. I am always looking for ways to improve my thought processes and relationship issues. By the way where exactly are you from? I live in Brighton Ontario….about 90 mins east of Toronto.

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