In all my years of spiritual work….

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 9.56.16 PM“In all my years of spiritual work, I haven’t come home to myself like I have in my work with Shawn… and most recently, in her Mastermind. I had literally spent years of my life in 12 step recovery, psychotherapy, devotional religious practice, countless healing modalities, self help books and web summits, only to find that I still didn’t have a way to come back to myself that was dependable. I’m happy that I do now. The tools that I learned in my work with Shawn finally helped me to shift whatever got in the way of me loving myself completely.”  Sarah

This statement was made by one of the women in my Mastermind and Mentoring group this past year. Sarah’s story is compelling, especially if you’ve been a spiritual seeker for years, if you struggle with health issues or–in relationship–with self worth. The transformation that she went through in this past year is remarkable (and yet each person in the group has undergone an equally remarkable shift).

She has gone from ailing and sleeping and a life full of internal conflict to healthy, active and focused on living her dreams.

Consider that Sarah hadn’t worked with me individually before she joined the Mastermind. She knew that she wanted to be taking action on her own behalf and felt stuck. In the face of all the wisdom and learning she had, she didn’t have a reliable way to apply it in the moment. Or to dissolve old stuck patterns.

She does now.

I invite you to read more about Sarah’s experience this Tuesday to see how she got “unstuck” with me and those in her Mastermind, who were doing the same in their own way.

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