If you attended the VIP Day or tried working the exercises on Amends I suggested below, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to continue to notice the little ways you can catch yourself showing up in ways that don’t feel really good or clean to you.

Where did you react without really thinking? Where did you have an underlying agenda, or were focused on achieving an outcome or ‘saving’ yourself at all costs? Where are you compelled to defend, explain, or attack back?

Even when it is subtle, you can feel that you have fallen out of symmetry–out of LIVING AND LOVING WITHOUT CONDITIONS–with yourself or another.

It’s so freeing to notice that little or big ‘RUB’ within you, to find the innocent and well-meaning motives behind it, and then to consciously decide how to move forward to reconnect to yourself, others, and life.

When you are truly ready to make amends, you will find that it is ALL ABOUT understanding the other person’s experience, caring what happened to them when you were believing your thoughts about them or yourself, and seeing if there is anything you can do to make it right. It’s empowering for you, gets your ego ‘right sized,’ and lets them feel they have truly been seen and heard, which is all most of us want. XOX

Thank you all for coming! What a great way to kick off our time together and get to know each other. And for those who couldn’t make it, I recorded my introduction and can send it to you..

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