Focusing on Focus

[NOTE: Wanted to share the opening MINUTE of this video, as it provides a dramatic metaphor for the concepts below.  It was created for specifically for folks in the Radical Relationship Relief Group Intensive.  I don’t yet know how to edit videos; so keep watching past the first minute if you want – or not!]

Our focus is what it is, Till we SEE another version of reality–for ourselves

Quantum physics explains how the most dense thing we have here on Earth appears to be our consciousness.  It’s like there are LIMITLESS parallel potentials for the unfolding of any given moment and the one we define and focus on via consciousness is the one that dictates our experience (i.e., the way we see our reality.)

Whether it is coming to believe that the chair is solid and separate from me, or coming to believe that something happening to me is “bad,” whatever interpretation has hooked my focus is the one that defines ‘the way it is.’ 

We can sometimes change our reaction to someone or something just by recognizing that it’s the thought that creates our suffering.

However, that is often not enough.  More often, we can’t just distance ourselves from our thinking about a stressful situation or simply ‘affirm over it’ with some new interpretation that we or someone else suggests.

Why? Because we don’t yet SEE it for ourselves; we are TRULY believing something else.

Just like in this little video.  I could have explained to you that there was really a lovely waterfront scene behind me, but you wouldn’t have believed it unless you saw it for yourself. All you see is white, until your focus changes.

That’s why it can be so helpful to know how to efficiently and effectively question a stressful thought that has hold of our reality. We truly SEE THROUGH to the other reality that is simultaneously existing along with the one we were believing.

It’s like those drawings that can be an old woman’s withered face or a young woman in a beautiful dress.  We don’t see both till we buy into the idea that both are there, and become WILLING TO LOOK.

Willingness to Look for Something Else

This true WILLINGNESS TO LOOK changes everything. In some ways, it IS the paradigm shift.

So that’s all that is happening when we generate turn-arounds for the stressful thinking to which we have attached; we become wiling to ‘teach’ ourselves that other potential realities co-exist with the one our brain was stuck on.

Suddenly the old programming no longer has a hold on us.  We have seen it FOR OURSELVES that we don’t really know what is here or what it means or that something else would be better!  We have exposed the illusion that was scaring or making us feel hurt or angry.

This lets reality flow in as-is; relatively uninterpreted by our monkey mind (or at least interpreted to be just as potentially friendly as it seemed to be potentially threatening–moreso in fact because we can use the threatening ones to wake ourselves up).

Big shift. Big relax.  Big curiosity and wonder. We feel the difference in our bodies. Suddenly that very same reality that was so horrible appears OK–even warm, friendly, helpful, like no-matter-what kind of love.

We begin living into the really that shows up instead of reliving the same mind-made projections that tell us something is wrong with the deal we are getting.

It can take us all the way to non-duality; waking up from the nightmare and seeing our situation with great clarity, and love without conditions.

Love you so,