To Courage. Gratitude to the Tenacious Women and Men

Thank you, dear deer Josea Tamira Crossley. Thank you for honoring out loud and so eloquently the amazing courage, tenacity, and unshakable love that was and still is needed to bring us into the kind of unconditional world Women already have in their hearts and minds. And thank you for calling out a few of us who are in the trenches every day with these amazing souls who are transforming rhe planet by starting where it must start—with themselves.
The courage is needed more than ever because in so many ways—inside marriage, inside our relationships to our bodies and ourselves, and mostly inside the subconscious programming that drives us all—the oppression continues but is far more subtle.

Less obvious now to some, but those of us who work with the amazing women, there is so much respect for those who invest in themselves, their children and marriages, and in life itself to transform the disempowering beliefs and mind-made survival scripts. Including my daughter, her college roommates, and others who are starting earlier learning to be the hero they were waiting for by questioning their own stressful thinking.

All those who are compassionately neutralizing in themselves the stories that scream out in all directions around us via chronic anxiety and health issues, divorce and depression, and addiction to everyday substances and activities that are the collateral damage to men, women, and children across our planet of the patriarchal imbalance that BOTH women and men bought into, and that we witness in the dying of so many critical ecosystems and species that we have failed to adequately mother.

I want to honor and cheer on the courage and tenacity of the many women and a few men who work with me to learn HOW to HARNESS whatever is painful in their lives to transform their own disempowering and oppressive mindsets— to create a fearless, WIN-WIN world fueled by self-live and service. I applaud each of you who are working and playing full-on in my groups, private work, retreats, and in this FB group. And, as Josea did below, to bow to those who are carrying many as they pay forward the gifts of inner freedom that are so needed.

Women and women’s ways espoused by men hold the oppressed missing piece; rather than fear it, shame it, call It hysterical, all would be wise to do whatever it takes to collaborate to play that piece and invite it to start calling the shots and setting the tone, because we know for sure the outcome will NOT be threatening or punitive, but nurturing, collaborative, and inclusive of all needs and perspectives.


“To the women before me – my Grandmothers who survived so I could be here – all the Grandmothers who faced impossible odds to stand up for themselves and all women.
To the ones who lived entire lifetimes through not being (legally) recognized as an independent human because they were women – lest we forget this was not so long ago.
Gratitude to all the brave women who have come forward with their #metoo stories and to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and the children must be protected. Gratitude to Dr Christine Blasey Ford for her incredible courage this past year. #ibelieveher Gratitude to the women who are every day working to change not just the laws but also the minds of a society that has used rape as a tool of colonization/control #dismantlerapeculture
Gratitude to the women who have found their own sovereignty within this so so dysfunctional world and are now leading others towards the same. #sovereign #shechooses
Gratitude to all the mothers – especially the single mothers who are quietly crying every night because they want the best for their babies and it’s so so hard in this society to really give them what they really need.
Gratitude to the ones who kept the healing wisdom, quietly passing it down to their granddaughters and great granddaughters so we can whisper it to each other today in our circles and now even roar it in the streets and across social media. I am so grateful for my freedom.
Deep bows to the women who inspire and support me day in day out on this journey to keep uncovering and reclaiming my own strength, power, sovereignty and womanhood.
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If I’m not tagging you it’s because the ferry is docking lol and I need to post this. You know who you are. Happy International Women’s Day ❤️🙏🏽🌲