Afraid to Try This?

Pop in headphones and listen!


A young woman who I met recently shared that she was suffering from anxiety and pain from a bad breakup. She said that she could tell just by listening to me that I had something that could help her.  She reached out about a week later and set up a time for a trial session, but that same day reached out again saying that it was triggering just thinking about her boyfriend. She wanted to cancel and instead try for a session once her feelings settle down. My response to her may be helpful to anyone who’d like to come in for a trial session but is concerned that they might be triggered or end up feeling worse.

Here’s my response:

No problem… AND I want to make sure you understand that this session is about a way that prevents you from being batted around by life’s events or by a thought (like about your guy) that comes in your head and then your body has a cascade of uncomfortable emotions.

In fact the goal of all of this is that you will no longer feel afraid of it or feel like you have to avoid people or topics or situations that trigger these feelings—since they actually become friends and guides out of pain.

That was the HUGE breakthrough in my life, after all those years, to no longer feel like a victim of my own emotions. Once we know how to harness our challenging events, Life/God brings us the exact situations that shepherd us to heal those wounds.


It was truly freeing once I finally knew how to USE something that triggered anxiety or anger or sadness as my path out of it! That’s why my “motto” for this symmetry method is “whatever upsets you holds the key.”

I’m not suggesting that you write down the thoughts just now. But until you know how to deal with your upset on your own, this is a better time than ever to have a session where you actually deal with what’s driving those thoughts.

Folks start to actually look forward to a session after, or during, an upset because they know it’s the place where they will be able to tackle that stuff that’s too hard to do alone. They count on the fact that they will come out laughing and knowing what to do next to help themselves.

The fact that you’re having that is perfect. It’s a proactive way to take care of that stuff, so you don’t have to wait for time to heal the “littlest” parts of you that want your help.


You can try to put it on hold, but if you were still willing to meet with me, we would go to the very moment when something made you think about him. We would “harvest” those thoughts in a very specific way, then the simple four-question and turnaround process makes it so that the thoughts no longer have power to upset or scare you.

This process ends our free-floating fear that something could trigger us again and that we wouldn’t know how to deal with it. If we spot a connection to something that was wired in childhood, it can even help us understand why these emotions are still so powerful.

I’m not looking to pressure you at all and it’s fine to do this another time or not at all. I just want to make sure you know that I’ve done this lots (including on a helpline) with some very deep, heavy, scary situations, and I feel absolutely confident that we can turn those triggers around so you won’t have to fear them any more or avoid the topic, or feel like something has the power to throw you off in a big way.


Even working through this one, tiny situation when you started thinking about him (or some other moment in time you may find and want to work through) would change a lot of things because you’d be able to see how you can get to a calm place by using the upset.

What I plan to do is leave your appointment for that time. I have no problem with holding that open. And that means you will also get reminders, so when you feel ready, it’s fine for you to show up. I will also do it as my gift—no charge.

I get that you’re feeling like the default is that you’d rather not. And please let me know if what I have said makes it feel like you do want to confirm it. (FYI—The other thing that sometimes happens is that the ego actually can spot something that’s going to mess with its game, so it will tell you this is a bad thing! It doesn’t want you to get a foolproof path to peace and faith. It thinks it’s saving you with its stories.)

Take care, Sweetie, and we’re cool either way.  🙏I applaud you for asking and wanting to have a reliable way to help and support those parts of you that still struggle.  👍🏼🤗🌹