Afraid to Try This? (CONTINUED)

Last week I posted an article here in Happy Symmetry about a young woman who I met recently sharing that she was suffering from anxiety and pain from a bad breakup. She said that she could tell just by listening to me that I had something that could help her.  She reached out about a week later and set up a time for a trial session, but that same day reached out again saying that it was triggering just thinking about her boyfriend. She wanted to cancel and instead try for a session once her feelings settle down. In case you didn’t read my response to her from last week, you can view it here.

Since then, she texted this to me: “Thank you! It’s nothing you said earlier, but I just think of my ex when I see you and your daughter since you both know him. I guess it’s natural.”

My reply to her may be helpful to you as well if you’d like to come in for a trial session but are concerned that you might be triggered or end up feeling worse:

Yes. It’s all very fresh for you and it hasn’t been very long since you broke up.

What I did find out, though, is that the time for grieving is really based on how long we are believing certain thoughts and triggers, so it can be collapsed into gratitude and fearlessness fairly soon.

It’s really cool when you no longer feel like a victim of those emotions and start to see them as your path out of pain. You start to see how sad it would be to have to avoid being around my daughter or getting this help from me just because you don’t know what to do with those reactions.

That was me…. I was desperate to find ways to deal with, or avoid, triggering the stuff I didn’t want to feel. But in some ways that was the very thing that was creating more anxiety. Kind of like that old saying “the only thing we fear is fear itself.”

That’s why it was such a different world when I finally knew a very specific and predictable way to deal with the fear that evolved me to a happier, freer, and healthier place.

The main turnaround that helped me overcome my fear was “I am willing to….“  and even “I look forward to….“ You can experience those emotions that used to leave you feeling clueless about how to handle it — now you can clean it up for good and not carry baggage forward. 🏄🏻‍♀️

It seemed like a miracle and it also seemed crazy that no one had ever taught these four questions to me before;  I’m passionate about writing and sharing it because it really helps.

Again, I’m glad you were able to take in my response,  🧚‍♀️and I do understand.  💜💜💜

Night night. ✨🌙✨