A Paradigm Whose Time has Come

Till it becomes common knowledge that freedom and peace are SO accessible…. Till children grow up knowing that it’s all an inside job. There is no “THEM” to fear or resist; “THEY” are just reflecting to us the mind that projects all that we see.

 Dear YOU,

Most everything I send you is part of a bigger mission.  It’s based on a paradigm shift I experienced by compassionately unraveling the thinking that created my most dreaded reactions to people and problems.


This shift makes it possible at any age or stage to find ourselves approaching life with curiosity, fearlessness, humility–and a huge amount of love for and faith in whatever unfolds (instead of spending our lives fearing whatever might happen that could trigger our painful emotions or unwanted behaviors).

All this yummy freedom and connectedness is based on a simple observation that has huge personal implications on our relationships, health, and prosperity:

We can each rely absolutely on whatever upsets, scares or saddens us to return us–often instantly–to Peace, Clarity, and Unconditional Love for the very people and situations that triggered the feelings (once we know HOW).
Coming to rely on this symmetry has been one of biggest gifts of my life. Because it largely eradicates fear of people and problems–and even of our own troubled thinking–it turns out there is lots less pain in the world than we all thought there had to be!
So this mission is simple:
To Expedite a Completely Accessible Paradigm Shift–As Deeply Intimate as It Is Global–whose time has come.  Where the gifts of this Reliable Symmetry become common knowledge that children grow up knowing. A world where living in this inherent safety becomes (as it was for me) the ‘Beginning of the End’ of fear, blame, shame, and much unnecessary suffering.

These realizations are theoretically sound based on the nature of thought and reality. This symmetry principle and The Work that made it apparent to me are not only consistent with but tend to enhance and unify every spiritual or psychological principle or practice I can find–another thing I hope to write more about.I started calling this radical but very freeing perspective “The Reliable Symmetry of Happiness: The Missing PEACE We Were Never Taught” (the title of my forthcoming book!). It yeilds such happy results that I sometimes also call it “Happy Symmetry” or “Peaceful Symmetry” (These are my new baby domain names! So far, I am celebrating having just one landing page up–about my retreat–on peacefulsymmetry.org).I noticed that the shift into this freeing paradigm (that was also being experienced by my colleagues and clients) was largely the result of doing The Work (of Byron Katie) on the thinking behind all our painful situations. The Work both instantly and gradually revealed our own non-duality (i.e., It’s all an inside job. There is no “THEM” to fear or resist; “THEY” are just reflecting to us the mind that projects all that we see). 

My movement to share this with you and on a much larger scale will sometimes include sharing insights or even sending you MP3s of actual sessions where folks use this reliable reflection (that is really just ourselves) to get hold of this shift for themselves (i.e., I don’t want anyone to just believe me).

Thanks for allowing me the privilege of writing to you!  Always feel free to write or call me with comments or questions!All love,:-)
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