Where Did You Wake Up this Morning?

Relief Can Be INSTANT:

Like Opening your Eyes to a Completely Different Room

Last night, I spent the night at the home of Kristin, my dear friend and business partner. I slept in her basement apartment.

In the morning, I laid in bed with my eyes closed for a few minutes as I awoke.

I was in my own bed, getting ready to check the latest lovely sunrise.

Then very suddenly, my whole world changed.

I opened my eyes.

I had forgotten that I was not at home and nowhere near a sunrise on the water.

Winnie (my dog) and I were snuggled up on a futon in Kristin’s basement..

That is how instantaneous the shift can be when you “see through” your story about a painful situation or relationship.

You wake up from the surety of your story of ‘how it is’ and find yourself living in a completely different world. You realize that you were asleep to what was really here…. mesmerized instead by your OWN dream of it.

This situation happens to me even more often than you could imagine, because I “sleep around!”  What that means is that I love all our different vacation rentals, and when they are not booked, I sleep around the property in different places. So believe it or not,

When my colleague, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson (neuroscientist and weight-loss guru, who hosted me some years back to train her bootcamp folks in a 5-part webinar series), she mentioned a similar kind of wake-up experience she received around a painful relationship.

Susan had been filled with sadness and frustration and disbelief around a friendship that had dissolved very suddenly. She shared on that video that she had prayed about it, gone to counseling, and worked the 12-Steps on this specific issue for a full year, but had not gotten the relief that finally came when we worked together in a single session.

At the beginning of our session, it became clear to me how incredible this woman and life are.  And yet, despite her stellar intellect, spiritual competence, and all the powerful tools at her disposal, she simply could not find any other way to SEE the events that had unfolded with her friend.

When it came to this one situation, it was like she was alone in a room decorated with separation, unfairness, and a stuck kind of ‘needing’ things to be different.  I see this often at the beginning of a session, until folks see that we know how to use what upsets them then they don’t come in so demoralized or hopeless, but curious and excited about the happy Symmetry held in their current emotional charge).

Once you know how, you can EASILY see through the reality our mind is projecting.  Just like me waking up in my bed “at home.”  What we each see is VERY VERY real to us, as long as we are believing it. There IS no other reality in the moment that we are believing our thoughts.  It’s all we CAN see—and we will react accordingly to life out of that–until we shift to seeing something else.

Most of us were simply never taught how to USE our pain to make that very shift. That is what I teach.

The lens through which we look COMPLETELY dictates our reality. So relief is simply about adjusting the lens.

There is a predictable symmetry in our pain. AND there are completely dependable and almost instantaneous ways to wake ourselves up to its gifts.

Once you begin to rely on the Law of Self-Symmetry, it does not have to take a year or an hour or even 5 minutes to wake up to the Symmetry (that reveals the gift and clear next steps) held in whatever causes you pain. Susan’s perfect case study, is shared on the recording (email me if you’d like to purchase this entire 1-hour audio self-shift series), was truly a ‘seeing through’ the blind spots. While the old story was very strong and resistant, we simply found the  ‘happy symmetry’ her situation  was reflecting to her to Work, creating a series of ‘ah-ha moments’ that wiped away blame, shame, and blind spots, nd changed everything about the way she saw her situation.

Grasping what I call this ‘reliable symmetry of happiness’ is a straight line to REAL-izing (making real) the ways that WE—by not seeing the consequence of believing our thinking–are doing to ourselves and ‘the other’ what we thought was being done to us.

When we see this, our whole world changes. That’s why I call it a paradigm shift… in fact for me it was The Shift of a LIFETIME (SOAL).

It is radical, and brings great relief to whatever you are relating to.  That’s why I call it RADICAL RELATIONSHIP RELIEF.

(Feel free to call or email me if you want some of it around that relief around a tough situation. Or want to get a life-altering dose of sanity, clarity, fun and yummy food at our upcoming retreat.)