[NEW VIDEO] What Thought is the Real Cause of Your Suffering?

What is the ONE THOUGHT BEHIND ALL EMOTIONAL PAIN? What is it and what is the impact? How can this understanding help to implement lasting change and free me from unhappiness and dissatisfaction in my life?

I have identified one basic thought behind all emotional pain… “I need this to be different than it is.”

It’s a conditional thought…

and It turns out that it’s very easy for the mind to see that it just made up that condition. When you learn to easily engage your conscious mind in witnessing the cost of that believing its own made-up story about how you or someone or something should be different, and the mind sees that the story was the real cause of your pain, It all falls away, leaving you without conditions on yourself, others, and life….

In other words, you become UN* Conditional! We used to think unconditional love was reserved for a few spiritual masters, but you CAN get there—by harnessing any stressful situation where your partner is driving you crazy, scaring you, or not meeting your needs—far more easily than you thought. You can reverse that resentment and regret (which is just resentment turned against yourself).

You begin to enjoy this brand new feeling of unshakable inner safety that I call GETTING YOU BACK, easily creating win-win outcomes. Empowering yourself empowers you to support others—including your partner—without losing yourself!

This is a critical understanding we will be exploring both together and independently in my Get-YOU-Back Bootcamp—Hybrid LIVE + Digital Course that KICKS OFF June 28th!

Watch this video and read below about how it all works.

The impact of believing that anything needs to be different than it is in order for me to be OK is truly the deepest source of emotional pain and debilitating stress.

Having this understanding is not enough though. First, it is recognizing that you think these thoughts and then knowing HOW to see that the opposite can be just as true, if not more true than your fixed story. Here is the path to freedom from self-sabotaging thinking.

🙂 Shawn