The NO-MATTER-WHAT Way To Be With Health Anxiety

Here is my response to a client who suffers greatly with health anxiety, and who shared with our group about having Covid. It describes an absolutely reliable path that took care of my own fear of whatever is yet to come in this life in the way of illness or pain. (And of course I may still be challenged, and that will always be my chance to embrace the edge of the envelope of my own evolution, till I “discorporate from sheer joy!” (Country Women Farm Manual; 1975).

Here are my words to her:

Thanks for posting this picture and letting folks in on the fact that your not-too-serious (luckily) bout of Covid keeps not quite going away!

And even though you have not shared that this round of Covid is spiking the health anxiety that you have often talked with us about, it is my wish that your inner little girl parts know you are going to be there for them no matter how long it takes.

Your Little Girl Parts Don’t Need to Go Into High Anxiety

And it’s also my wish that, because you investigate mind-made stories and become unconditional with yourself and your body, your little girl parts don’t need to go into high anxiety; i.e., there are no conditions in which you won’t stay and hold the feelings and symptoms and fears, and reassure them and make it into something fun and light (the way you do for everyone else).

I am seeing your safe, beautiful living room in my mind right now, and the cherry trees that are right outside your door (and in bloom the day we walked!), and I think your journey is truly FEELING how there is so much help and support and freedom and love in every single little moment or breath of air or feeling of the couch supporting you. Feeling that freedom when you’re looking at the green of the grass or hearing the sound of the rain… or feeling the symptoms of Covid or other ailments and even feeling your anxiety about them. It’s all just happening for you, and you are either loving it (your true nature being energy/love) or waking yourself up to how you have separated from it by believing your own story of the past or future: regret or fear.

Support Yourself As Long As You Inhabit This Body

Being with every one of your senses and also feeling your own symptoms in any given moment and simultaneously being with the fear that comes up around them, not minimizing it but holding it and letting it know you are there for and standing IN it will give you relief. Support yourself in this way for as long as you inhabit this Body, no matter what, so there is nothing that can come up that will cause you to criticize or abandon yourself.