The 4 Question Antidote to Anger, Blame, and Judgment

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The Work of Byron Katie: I call it the Antidote to Anger, Blame, and Judgement and it is one of the pillars that I teach in my No-Matter-What Way. As one of only a handful of Certified Facilitators of the Work of Byron Katie worldwide, this inquiry process led to the paradigm shift I teach today. Once I saw that I could USE whatever was upsetting me as a direct path to peace, my deep continuous inquiry gave me the mental and emotional freedom I had desperately sought from countless other self-help and spiritual sources.

By adding my own emphasis on the self-forgiveness techniques that finally brought me safety and freedom from within, I love helping folks access that state of unshakable inner advocacy I call Self-Solidarity. This systematic approach helped me QUICKLY free my mind from thinking, feeling, and acting from deeply programmed and polarized thought and belief patterns.

A sure-fire way to access your inner child’s true feelings to heal trauma and integrate the parts of you that you lost along the way into a whole new way of being with yourself, others, and life.

Putting Pen to Paper!

Actually sitting with YOU, in YOUR thoughts, YOUR feelings and writing them down in this systematic way changes everything—sometimes instantly.

No, I mean really stopping everything else that is going on, putting down the phone, walking away, and giving yourself the attention you seek from others. Actually granting yourself the needed time—sometimes in the heat of the moment—if necessary, to tend to the parts of us that are screaming inside, brain eclipsed, fury felt, totally triggered by another person’s actions.

Working a Judge Your Neighbor and a One Belief at a Time worksheet in these moments when you are feeling triggered are one of the most profound, instant change-making, relief-bringing, laughter-inducing, antidotes to pain and stress that I have been fortunate enough to encounter. It brought me so much relief so quickly (after years of spiritual seeking) that I became a certified facilitator in 2014 and have been teaching as many people as possible ever since.

I absolutely LOVE seeing the understanding wash over my clients and hearing them laugh within minutes of once feeling so devastated and clueless about a situation.This simple self-inquiry process will give you a way to help yourself in your most challenging relationships. You will know these easy, fast, reliable steps that will grant you the invaluable gift of shifting your own emotional state without the help of anyone else. YOU give YOU the love, attention, voice, embrace, understanding, care, importance, value, that you think you need from someone else.


Watch Shawn’s video here: Pen to Paper-Do the Work


The Work of Byron Katie’s is a simple yet deep inquiry process. Again, I am a certified facilitator, and I teach The Work as one of the foundations of my NO-MATTER-WHAT Way. You can learn The Work and how to use it, along with my Wheel of Self-Love, another incredible tool for empowerment and problem-solving—in my “Get-YOU-Back BOOTCAMP” (a 6-week or self-paced digital course with LIVE support) kicking off June 28th.

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