[PDF DOWNLOAD] 3 Simple Steps to TRUE Fiduciary Freedom (with yourself!)












Many of us think the word “Fiduciary” has to do with finances (I always did), but the real meaning has to do with trust.

shawn and maddie july 4Dictionary.com says the adjective ‘Fiduciary’ means

“based on, or in the nature of trust and confidence”, and

“of or relating to the relation between a fiduciary and his or her principal.”

And it turns out, in the end, that the shortcut to being happy is simply to take on that role on behalf of OURSELVES. The noun version means:

“a person to whom property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another.”


It turns out the when it comes to happiness and quality of life, that “OTHER” is the part of us that is scared, confused, hurting, innocent–as dear as my dear one in this picture–and that leaving that part in the hands of others simply does not do the trick now that we are laboring under the edicts of our own thinking. There IS a dependable path to instant peace, freedom, and a completely relaxed, fun approach to life where we do not fall victim to our own emotional states (and that seems to result in financial freedom as well–no matter what your circumstances are with regard to money).

Leaving your happiness in the hands of people and events outside ourselves communicates to that littlest part of that your well-being is dependent on something completely out of your control–a very victim-like stance in life. This misguided indoctrination to ‘how it works’ leaves you co-dependent, manipulating and obsessing to get your needs met via the love, appreciation, and approval of others, and leaves you absolutely failing to see that YOU are the only one that can reliably save you! You might get some sporadic relief or respite from others, or from waiting for your situation to improve, or from seeing that the outcome wasn’t as bad as you feared.  But I LOVE being able to go in and find for myself that all is well–to relieve myself from shame, blame, and fear, which are the worst outcomes of all in any situation.

Finally Becoming Your OWN “Trusted Caretaker”

Seeing that it’s all an inside job and coming home to the part of us we left or blamed as ‘wrong,’ ends up being the kindest to others, too (because, by taking back out own fiduciary relationship with ourselves–returning to the sweet freedom and fun of self-responsibility in a way that does not feel like drudgery–we are no longer resentful about others’ failure to do a job that is already taken care of by life. We just didn’t know that we had the power to let that part of ourselves know that all is well).

Each day my clients and I are bowled over to find that, when they take on the role of TRUSTED CARETAKER of the most innocent part of themselves (the part that is hurting because it is believing their limited, fear-driven thinking), they can easily access a kind of unconditional freedom and peace and love they have never experienced in their lives –simply by questioning their thinking!

Once we learn that there is a fool-proof way out of our pain that comes from USING the very thing that is upsetting us, the decision to not let our littlest, most trusting self suffer under the illusions of our ego becomes the single greatest act of FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY we can undertake. It happens via the simple recognizing the innocence in and questioning our immature, fear-driven thinking (and even more in knowing that we can RELIABLY access that freedom when we do).

A FOOL-PROOF Way Out: 3 Simple Steps to my Freedom

After realizing that I FINALLY knew a kind, efficient, path to freedom from beating myself up (regret hell), I made the steps I had discovered over years of doing The Work into a system that is now working for hundreds of others who have downloaded it off of FB, many of whom then called to thank me and find out how go further in this “Fiduciary Freedom” work (well, they didn’t call it that, but it’s a fun metaphor for July 4!).


While you on my cherished list were introduced to that WHEEL OF SELF-LOVE when it first came out (I think) I’m about to switch this FB ad and put up another new PDF download, The Radical Relationship Relief BluePrint (which you can get soon by filling out the little survey I’ll send out–watch for it). But before I retire this one, I just wanted to make it available to you.

I just used this 3-step system yesterday, when I found that I had plunged into really painful regret over something I felt I hadn’t ‘done right’ with my daughter. I spent almost a half hour (which in the past would have been days) before I took responsibility for the part of myself that was being criticized and abandoned (by me). I took myself in hand and visualzed that colorful WHEEL OF SELF-LOVE that has been such a hit on FB, and went through the steps (while driving on the Rte 275 causeway across Tampa Bay at 3:55 AM after dropping her at the airport!).

Within MOMENTS, I was back to a calm, warm, state of self-love and solidarity, advocating as much for the part of me that had done the best I could given what I was believing as I was advocating for my dear daughters feelings. Love all around.

I feel I have found the true meaning of freedom–freedom from the tyranny of my own well-meaning monkey mind–now that I know what to do with the chronic state of regret hell, the cruel dictatorship within which I resided for so many years.

If you’d like to download the WHEEL OF SELF-LOVE (which also comes with a complimentary Self-Solidarity Support and Strategy Session with me) just CLICK HERE  or on the ‘hamster wheel of regret and self-doubt” picture above.

Freedom is quicker, easier, and most dependable than you might think.