[NEW VIDEO] Do you care that you are hurting?

The habit of being WITH your body, paying attention to what feels painful or stuck inside and showing or giving time to yourself, tells YOU that you are worth all of your love and energy. Noticing what is subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, trying to tell us to listen, to hear what our needs are, and to stop putting everything in front of the relationship we have with ourselves.

How often are you doing this?

How often do you GIVE THE LOVE TO YOURSELF that we often find ourselves seeking from others?

Making this time for yourself, and what is going on in you—exactly as it is—without squashing it or ignoring it, or trying to fix it—Is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself and in turn—everyone else in your life.

The Beyond Mindfulness Map is another tool that I share with you during my Get-YOU-Back Bootcamp Hybrid LIVE + Digital Course that kicks off June 28th!

It is a visualization in your mind—and really feeling into your body—that you chart on paper, along with the thoughts you notice. So not only do we practice mindfulness in our bodies and observe our thoughts, but we then proceed to reverse and experience the cost of those thoughts, allowing them to transform

Watch this video and read below to hear about my ways of working within my body.

We start by being with the parts of our body and mind that are stuck in the hopeless patterns of reactivity that create all dysfunction, failed relationships, addiction, and eventually chronic pain and illness. This practice allows us to give ourselves some “first aid” that becomes the prerequisite to our shift and our readiness to look at our part and feel safe enough to see it all a new way without beating ourselves up for whatever we find.

It came out of my time with chronic illness and pain—not to mention excruciating emotional upsets that lived powerfully in my body. After everything else had failed, it became clear to me that I was the hero I’d been waiting for.

The best I could do at the time was to learn how to work with the pain, the symptoms, the anxiety, and the energetic blocks that were emotionally stuck in the areas of my body that had names like chakras or energy centers. I discovered that none of that mattered till I really came inside and learned how they lived in my body, and how my thoughts created or exacerbated them.

It takes slowing down, caring that you are hurting, and being there for these “littlest parts of you” since the childhood wounds and trauma manifest and communicate to us through the intense physical reactions we experience as emotion. The Beyond Mindfulness Map is the practice I used to bathe these unwanted feelings in love—exactly as they are—leaning into each one with gentleness and acceptance and curiosity. I learned to be WITH and even IN those parts I hated the most, until they relaxed and dissipated. And yet I didn’t get better emotionally or physically until I finally learned how to neutralize the thinking that was sustaining the suffering and separation from this magnificent body-intelligence, energy, and life force that contains all I needed for healing and happiness.

Learn to become curious and compassionate with the littlest, hurt, or stuck parts of You!

Get the Beyond Mindfulness Map and other reliable tools that I share with you during my Get-YOU-Back Bootcamp Hybrid LIVE + Digital Course that kicks off June 28th!

If you’re ready to explore getting beyond mindfulness—you can schedule a next steps call by clicking the button below.

So much love, care, and concern.
🙂 Shawn


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[NEW VIDEO] Do you care that you are hurting?