[Nancy’s 1 Min. Video in my Dining Room] “Shawn Cuts Right to the Heart of Things”

If you haven’t been following Sarah’s Testimonial Story of the amazing-and-yet-not-unusual life shifts she experienced during her year in the Mastermind & Mentoring Group, you may want to take a click and a read of the blog, or the last couple of emails from me, in this little “FIRST-PERSON CASE STUDY” of Sarah documenting her results.

Even though the Mastermind is an online group, this one minute testimonial video by NANCY was shot in my dining room at last fall’s retreat (one bonus of this intimate group). Check out this week’s FREEDOM FRIDAY video from someone who has found!

At the spring retreat she told about the big changes in her relationship with her grown son and aging mom, in her marriage and career, and most of all in her discovering in herself choices and ways of being ‘in the flow’ that she never realized were possible for her. We all celebrated as we watched her re-invent herself and her life from the inside out!

As we went around the table you see above, each shared their experience with those attending who were considering joining the mastermind group–and did, at the end of the retreat! (It’s hard to imagine NOT continuing to be part of this warm internal and external fellowship once you’ve experienced it.)

Enrollment Still Going for One more Week!!

Much love,


P.S. And as one Masterminder, Deborah, who signed on for her next year in the “Walking Your Talk” Mastermind, said to me, “Well why wouldn’t I continue something that is finally working so well!” (when nothing else really did after all those years of spiritual and emotional work).

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