My husband shouldn’t tell me what to do (Part 2 of 2 on Defensiveness: A Peer Facilitation MP3)

Defensiveness as a Genius Wake-Up Call
(Audio Reveals How WE Are the Ones)

Ever felt defensive when a loved one tells you what  to do?

Listen in on what happens when you USE your need to defend to show yourself where it’s all ‘an inside job.’  The issue Kristine is working on in our Radical Relationship Relief Group Intensive will sound very familiar to most of us—whether it’s a parent, spouse, or co-worker that pushes your buttons.

This genius “17-Minute Peer Inquiry” between two RRR Group members (with some coaching from me) shows the kind of radically freeing shift you can get in a few minutes — even doing this inquiry on your own. Once you know what to do with that compulsion to defend—and become willing to take a look–you will find that it was never what the other person said or did that was the real source of your pain.

That’s great news….. no need to engage in the hopeless quest to change others.  When you feel the ‘need’ to defend rising up in you, it is like a BIG SCREAMING YELLOW SIGN with an arrow pointing  you back HOME into the safely of your own business…

That frees you to notice where you path to happiness had nothing to do with them, but lies in treating yourself–and the other–the way you want to be treated.

Coming back home makes life a whole new ball game.

LISTEN IN HERE…. If you’ve even felt defensive, it’s really worth your time.

xox Shawn

PS –  My own experience with this BIG SECRET–the amazing path to enlightening yourself held in the places you want to defend–is explained in Part 1…. my article (also on an MP3).  If you want to read or listen to that article “Dismantling your Defenses,” just CLICK HERE!