Honoring the Herculean Efforts of Our Navy Seals — & of My Clients!

I almost never make my bed. But, as in this illuminating Navy Seal video, this morning I accomplished more before 6 a.m. than I used to in an entire day. Up since 3:40 a.m., first answering a client in crisis, then fully engaged in whatever calls me. I’m still going strong at 9 p.m. and have an hour’s drive home from the town where, after a doctor’s appointment, I spent the rest of the day working (with a quick nap) from my car and at a swimming pool.

Miraculously, it seems I’m never tired after many years of chronic fatigue, emotional and physical pain, and the “incurable” immune system disorders that caused my whole life to crash. Even after my years of inner work, I didn’t know a way out until I developed the Symmetry mind-freedom model. I’m not bragging and I don’t take credit for the change. I credit  that leaves me gratefully carried along on a sea love by my wonderful team, clients, daughter, doggie, friends  family, our vacation rental guests, Nature, food, air, turquoise waters, and a little sleep.

I’m writing to honor the people who take a leap of faith on behalf of themselves, their families, and this planet, like the Navy Seals in this video, as well as my clients who attend my residential retreats. I honor the love and tenacity of both. 🥰 And while our retreats are mostly fun, and light, and supportive, the inner pain and programming and stuck life situations or self-hatred my clients are working against are just as grueling as what happens in this video — but they’ve made that choice not to numb out, stay in pain, or accept a life that doesn’t work.

That was the leap I made and now that I know how, I love paying forward….

P.S. If this message holds meaning for you, please share it with anyone you feel would enjoy, or be helped by, my methods for achieving inner freedom. Please feel free to text, call (301-785-0545), or email me (shawn@happysymmetry.com)!