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Transform Your Anxiety, Regret, and Self-Doubt into Self-Love, Confidence, and Power Today

Tired of beating yourself up?

Download your Wheel of Self-Love: Antidote to "REGRET HELL" PDF, to find inner freedom now.

Experience the shift of a lifetime.

Come join thousands who have learned these simple spiritual beelines to peace from Shawn, as you embrace her "Reliable Symmetry of Happiness" paradigm shift, with the option of going more deeply into The Work of Byron Katie.

Life will never look the same again.

Realize you no longer need to hurt so much or for so long, and finally discover how to use what upsets you to find greater joy, and love without conditions.

Learn the secrets to create a dependable kind of peace and enjoy the freedom and warm relationships with yourself, others, and life that you so richly deserve.

Four Life-Important Shifts:

If you want to know how to wake Up without regret of your past actions, whether they were 2 minutes or two years ago, then Shawn Mahshie's Wheel of Self-Love PDF will guide you step-by-step through how to find compassion for yourself, how it is that you can't "DO IT WRONG" and that the outcomes are truly a gift.


How to find your own innocence.


How to turn around regret quickly and not stay on that hamster wheel.


How to be comfortable with your actions and decisions, which creates confidence and ends chronic indecision.


How to find what you need to be happy without waiting for others to change or give it to you.

Get your PDF now.

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