Simple Steps to Clarity and Support of Self and Others.

Do you have trouble getting clarity and courage around large or small situations? Then second-guess your decision?

Where do you often put your needs last, or not even get in touch with them because you are so busy meeting others’ needs, and then feel resentful?

Experience the shift of a lifetime.

Come join thousands who have learned these simple spiritual beelines to peace from Shawn, as you embrace her "Reliable Symmetry of Happiness" paradigm shift.

Here's what you can expect from this Decision Matrix:

  • Learn to tune in to what’s true for you, so you can lovingly hear and advocate for others too, creating the best possible outcome.
  • Once you build this “win-win” muscle, your only job is to keep your own counsel and tweak it as new data shows up so that the vision still feels good...and learn that it's ok to ask for what you want.
  • Start to watch the ripple effects of your decisions, as your loving cooperative spirit increases your network of support and influence.

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